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Jesse Abraham – I Ain’t S**t; I’m The S**t [Music Video Premiere]

Posted on August 29, 2012
Artist: Jesse Abraham
Song: I Ain't Shit; I'm The Shit

Wait! before you starting saying, yow Chozen WTF is this, kill the prejudgment and checkout the video and more importantly peep the bars. He's kicking some ish on this joint.

“I Ain't S**t; I'm The S**t”, the latest single off Jesse Abraham’s upcoming I Am Water album, explores a duplicity that exists within us all. Sometimes we feel invincible, and other times we feel invisible. The song is an internal dialogue in which the notion of staying true to oneself emerges as the most harmonious option. “It turns out that a battle within ourselves only does damage to ourselves” explains Jesse.

Download Jesse Abraham – I Ain't S**t; I'm The S**t

What they've been saying about Jesse Abraham around the web.

“Brimming with innovation, creativity and sincerity.” –

“Abraham has been a hip-hop head from day one, and his understanding of the music itself

allows him to come across as an intelligent and well-versed rapper.

He has a fresh and unique feel that is hard to ignore.” –

“Jesse Abraham can very capably put words together over beats, often with a humorous slant,

with a mixture of intellect and diction that make him quite the entertaining MC.” – Birthplace Magazine

“You write him off at first glance, but co-sign him at first listen” –, yup that'd be us.

The music video premiered exclusively on HipHopDX a few hours ago, he's 2012 HipHopDX “DXNext” and if your familiar with DX, you know they don't co-sign BS, and neither do we.

About Jesse Abraham:

Setting out to absorb as much of the sights and sounds of New York City from a very young age is just a small part of hip-hop artist, Jesse Abraham’s own storytelling.

From the sights of break dancers to the battle style of hip hop that emerged from the city, Abraham took it all in to formulate a style all his own, with a choice of rhyme and flow that can only be seen in more experienced acts of the hip-hop genre.

His debut album, Bars & NoBull (2010) spent weeks on DJBooth’s Top 10 Charts, the singles ‘Yoga’ and ‘Little Bit of Everything’ were major hits in the underground music scene and their videos on YouTube were an instant success. It was his next project, ‘One Day’ which came out in 2011 with the leading single ‘Spiderman on Vitamins’ that he began to gain recognition online.

Through major hip-hop blogs like and Abraham culminated in his awards for Album of the year at the 2011 Underground Music Awards, as well as Lyricist of the Year.

As he prepares to release his upcoming album I Am Water this fall, Jesse Abraham continues to reinvent the responsibilities as a hip-hop artist, and his potential is only surpassed by his passion for the genuine essence of the hip-hop genre. “As long as you have talent, you can get it,” says Abraham on the New York scene that nurtured his style and taught him about hip-hop.

The authenticity of his music now reflects his life growing up in New York in the ‘80s and his life journey to get to where he is today.

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