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Nemo – Say What you Feel (Official Video)

Posted on September 24, 2012
Artist: Nemo
Song: Say What you Feel
Producer: D1

Queens native A. Pinks (Adrien Pinkard) has joined the ranks of moniker misfits (think Diddy's former P. Diddy & Puff Daddy to Prince's past aliases –The Artist Formerly Known As Prince as well as a brow-raising inaudible symbol) by official changing his name to Nemo.

The switch came while Pinks was on a two-year hiatus from music and engaging in artistic soul searching. Focused on chiseling a more true-to-self-position, the name Nemo seems to not only humanizes the artist, but manages to tell a compelling story. As a life-long member of the disabled community — faced with cerebral palsy since birth — the artist found parallels in Disney's lovable animated-character.

The boy with the “bad fin” resonated loudly and brought him back to his adolescent struggles. He wants the world to know, particularly younger generations, that you can hurdle over obstacles and triumph in the face of adversity despite what others may think of you.

Check out his new video for “Say What you Feel”

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