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T-Razor- No Matter Where I Go (Feat. Bukshot)

Posted on October 24, 2012
Artist: T-Razor
Song: No Matter Where I Go
Album: Bobby Kennedy LP

Just in time for Halloween T-Razor drops a special horror theme video
for his fans. “No matter where” I go comes from the Bobby Kennedy LP
and tells the story of a deal gone wrong with the devil.

Well respected as a lyricist, T-Razor has been climbing up from the
underground since 2008, and his years of experience are reflected in
his maturity as an artist selling out venues since dropping The Savior
mixtape in 2009. Music has been his savior, and he’s returning the

A poet at heart, T-Razor tells the truth when he says, “I’m genuine in
what I do.” His rhymes are all about lyrical storytelling.

After reaching over 30,000 views on his video for “So Can you” T-Razor
bought us a different kind of video that showcase his ability to be
very diverse with his music. “No matter where I go” is very different
from any hip-hop song. T-Razor looks at himself as an artist, not just
a rapper. And in the video we can see T-Razor's artistic aim, which
brings vision to this song

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