Who’s hotter? Keyshia or Beyonce!

Posted on September 11, 2007

As usual  I was surfing the internet on the latest news in the world of entertainment today, when I came across concrete loop's post on the Keyshia Cole interview from Essence Magazine. Of course, I read the article and several of the comments when someone foolishly replied “Keyshia's lazy, she's not as hardworking as Beyonce is and they are both 26,” – or something to that effect. Of course, immediately outraged with that comment, I had to reply:

Keyshia is NOT Beyonce. Keyshia DID NOT have the pleasure of growing up in a nurturing environment (so to speak) as Beyonce which would have enabled her to start early and get that advantage that Beyonce has had – that support is fundamental. Beyonce had parents who quit their damn jobs for their child’s dreams… and where was Keyshia’s mom. Exactly! As far as ya’ll hating on Keyshia’s looks… Keyshia has come a MIGHTY long way. She’s definitely not as ghetto looking as she was before, therefore I am proud of her… SISTER GIRL is doing the damn thing! I was proud of her at the NFL Kick Off and I am proud of her now, she’s showing us a different side of her and I like this side a whole helluva lot better than before. Additionally, Keyshia offers a more realistic perspective on relationships that the AVERAGE woman deals with without sugarcoating it…whereas Bee (and I do love me some Bee okay!) but Bee is signing with the silver spoon still in her mouth…. she has no ideal what it means to undergo hardship and she never will.

Love live Keyshia Cole!!!

Now of course, I don't expect the simple minded heifer who wrote the initial comment to understand that perspective and it's cool. I just wanted to get your feedback on the matter… WHAT DO YOU THINK??????

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