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Posted on November 10, 2009
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Shot to the heart. Young Dro was putting the finishing touches on his album P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once) when he walked into the Grand Hustle office and found out the entire LP was already on the Internet.

“When I walked in the office, couldn’t nobody look me in the eye,” Dro said. “They was looking down. You had Jim Jonsin beats, some of the best production I ever had on there. When I saw it I was like, ‘Oh my God. OMG.’ But then I said, ‘I’m gonna patch it up.’ ”

Dro shook off the shock and came to accept the fact that he would have to record more songs.

“The album got leaked, so we going back in the studio,” he explained. “We gonna get Cannon beats, we gonna get DJ Toomp beats, we gonna sew the album up and act like it ain’t never bled. No leak.”

P.O.L.O. is now slated to drop sometime in January 2010.

“If you a real player, you only get one life,” Dro said. “I’m still a player and I still got one life to live. I’m still in that Polo.”

In the meantime, Dro says he’s thinking about putting out five mixtapes — the first is R.I.P.: (I Killed That S**t) with DJ Don Cannon.

“I been waiting for years — he finally called me and said, ‘I wanna do the tape with you,’ ” Cannon said. “I was like, ‘Yes.’ We got new beats, a bunch of freestyles where he killed [other artists'] beats. The whole thing is, ‘I killed that.’ Some people are gonna get mad he killed their beat.”

“I kill everything I do,” Dro insisted. “If you see me in some clothes, I killed that. If you see me in my whip, I killed that. If you hear my flows, I killed that. I be killing stuff. Then we putting rests in peace to — everybody talking swag this, swag that — I killed that. I’m the #1 guy, I’m gonna kill it. R.I.P.”

Joints to Check For:

» “U Don’t Know Bout It.” “It was explaining where I stay or where I live you don’t know about it,” Dro said. “Before you go out telling everybody your business, ‘You don’t wanna know about this, shorty.’ If you ain’t where I’m at or where I live, I can’t tell you about it — that’s breaking the code.”

» “Mo Money Mo Problems.” “The ‘09 ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ — it’s me, Mac Boney and Tip on there,” Dro said. “We just giving it to them how we seen when we was able to get money and do our thing. We giving it to the public — we still in the streets, we still in the ‘hood, we still corporate, but there’s problems around the money we’re making sometime.”

» “Don’t Know Y’all” “The single ‘Don’t Know Y’all’ on the album, it’s cats out there on the street that act like they know what I been through or act like they was there when I got shot or my mama got shot,” Dro laughed. “I be driving and they flagging me down. When you flagging me down, partna, you don’t know me. Me and the boy Yung L.A. on there. We shot the video in the ghetto. We shot the video in the ghetto. … It was in Chapel Forest on Simpson Road. We had Mike Epps come to the ghetto and see the ghetto children. We was amongst killers and gorillas, but we gave back to the ‘hood — we let the children dance and get their rock on. It’s gonna be real big.”


I been f*****g with Dro, n****s just realizing the skills……

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