2014 XXL Freshmen Freestyle: Chance The Rapper

Posted on May 12, 2014
2014 XXL Freshmen Freestyle - Chance The Rapper

To kick things off for the 2014 XXL Freshmen freestyles, Chance The Rapper hits us with a melodic intro that slips into a 8 bar freestyle. I'm very interested in seeing what cats like August Alsina will come us with his freestyle since he's a singer that acts like a rapper.

Check out the freestyle below, more on the way.

Also check out his 2014 XXL Freshmen profile.

The lyrics.

Ice, melting in my chain
Pretty as my hair
Ugly as my name
Dirty as my gold
Comfy as my chair
Ugly is my name
Ugly is my name

No weapon formed against me shall prosper
My sword look just like Michaels
He lent it to me, this a house of God
I'm just leasing he rent it to me
This sentence he penned it to
Thats a gmail he sent it to me
I can send you his contact, hit him if you in combat
Hit em' if you in traffic, Even if there ain't no static
Thats my G he got me shinin'
My hair, he made it tangled
My seed, don't need no lining
A halo fits on an angel
And if the shoe fits, I'll tie his and let the kitty rap
Finally get the city back, and ask God for a piggy back
Up on his shoulders I notice, I'm within earshot
I yell “thanks for makin' us in your image
You gotta good sense of hubris”

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