50 Cent Gets Sued For $11 Million Over Instagram Post

Posted on April 25, 2014


If you've followed 50 Cent for any period of time then you know he's not one to filter himself, and if you've been on his Instagram you know he's quite the character and very entertaining with his posts.

Well now he's getting sued for one of those posts. Model and dancer Sally Ferreira, of Yonkers, hits 50 Cent with a $11 million lawsuit Thursday claiming the rapper defamed her and caused her emotional distress by labeling her a “thirsty video b***h” on Instagram.

Yeah that sounds like 50….

Most likely 50 Cent was feeling some type of way about photos from his Big Rich Town music video being leaked by Ferreira a third party. The photos showed 50 Cent up close and personal with Ferreira, 29, and in classic gossip fashion it was picked up by and Hip Hop Weekly and MediaTakeOut.com, which speculated that the two were in a relationship.

Sally FerreiraSally Ferreira

If MediaTakeOut.com says it, then it has to be true right?

50 Cent being well – 50 Cent, retaliates with a instaslap post via the Instagram profile saying:

“WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video b***h [Her name is Sally Ferreira and she's a model…] she sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout Saying I’m in a relationship Withher Cananyone say RESHOOT,”

Since 50 Cent's Instagram which has 1.8 million followers is also link to his Twitter that has 7 million followers, Ferreira feel 50 Cent has defamed her.

Sally Ferreira and 50 CentSally Ferreira posted this photo of her and 50 Cent in 2011.

These are the details of the suit:

The lawsuit says a number of media outlets wrote articles about the Instagram post despite the rapper removing it from his account within hours of writing it.

“Before the defamatory posting, Ms. Ferreira was working on three separate entertainment industry projects and enjoyed a good reputation in the industry,” her lawsuit claims.

“As a direct and proximate result of the defamatory posting and the subsequent media fallout and negative publicity surrounding Ms. Ferreira, as of the date of this filing, all three projects have been put indefinitely on hold,” the suit says.

“Moreover, as a direct and proximate result of Mr. Jackson’s actions, Ms. Ferreira has been subjected to harsh and hurtful comments about her profession, character, and appearance, causing her severe emotional distress,” the lawsuit adds.

50 Cent is a bully, we all know that. He tries to be a good guy but he can't help himself. This lawsuit won't go anywhere you can sue for whatever amount you want, doesn't mean you going to get a dime, you'll need to prove beyond a doubt how a  Instagram post lost you 11 million dollars.


Sally Ferreira Photo: Black Jack Scans

Sources: NY Daily News, The Urban Daily

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