iHipHopMusic.com formerly HipHopMusicDotCom.com one of the hottest sites for new hip hop music, news, music videos etc. Over the years the site has grown to reach a audience of millions, our social media presence spans Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more reaching a total of almost 300,000 followers.

The Creator

My name is Glenton Samuels, I'm the founder and main editor of iHipHopMusic.com. I'm a blogger turned web designer with a love for music, art, design, dancing and pretty much anything that's creative. This site was the first successful site i ever built and it continues to improve.

Since 2006

Back in 2006, the site started as a little Blogger blog called hip-hop-music-source.blogspot.com, yeah I know it's a horrible name. That however didn't stop the site from becoming popular, within a year the site moved away from Blogger and became HipHopMusicDotCom.com (a little better). Things really took off from there, the site quickly became number one in Google for Hip Hop Music, and at it's peak the site about a million people per month.

In 2012 we finally decided to rebrand the site and thus iHipHopMusic.com was born, with a new look and feel and the site is now geared towards taking it's content to a higher level.

Thank you for checking us out and be sure to follow us.

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