Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

Artist: Alicia Keys
Album: Girl On Fire
Release date: November 27, 2012
Record label:

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Review & Overview)

Alicia Keys Girl On Fire album is fifth studio album, It's hard to believe she's only had only 5 albums — It feels like she's had so much more body of work over the past 12 years. Of course you don't need to rush when all your efforts become platinum selling releases.

Now I'm glad she is back to making music and November 27 couldn't get here any faster.

A Look At Alicia Keys' Girl On Fire Album……So Far

Lets first talk about the first single that wasn't really the first single.

New Day

The release of New Day was a bit of a blunder, Alicia released is via Twitter on the 27th of June and her fans immediately flocked to it, since it was the first new song we've seen from her in quite some time.

The track was produced by her husband Swizz Beatz and though Alicia didn't say it was the first single, everyone thought it was. The song displayed a new sound for Alicia and people loved the song.

50 Cent – New Day

3 weeks after Alicia's single was released 50 Cent announced that his first official single was titled “New Day” and would feature Alicia Keys & Dr. Dre. At the time no one took notice of the fact that Alicia's release was also called New Day.

The exactly a month Alicia version, Fif liberated his version and confusion ensued.

50 Cent took some time to explain in a video how the collaboration came about and why there's two versions of the single. Basically it was suppose to be 50 Cent's single which was originally being produced by Dr. Dre.

Due to Dr. Dre taking his time with preparing the record, since the record was already sent to Alicia — her and Swizz decided to produce an different version of the record which you can hear in both versions.

Long story short, both versions of New Day will be featured on their perspective albums.

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (2 Versions) [Official Single]

Alicia's first official single arrived in the form of the album's title track September 3rd, the single has 2 versions, the first one is called the Inferno remix which features Nicki Minaj and was performed at the 2012 MTV VMAs. We haven't heard the other version yet.

The single has been received mostly positive reaction from the public and is already doing well on the charts.

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire Album Review (Coming Soon)

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire [Album Stream]

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Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire Tracklist

  1. De Novo Adagio
  2. Brand New Me
  3. When It’s All Over
  4. Listen to Your Heart
  5. New Day
  6. Girl on Fire [Music Video]
  7. Tears Always Win
  8. Not Even The King
  9. That’s When I Knew
  10. Limitedless
  11. One Thing
  12. 101