Drake – Nothing Was The Same

Artist: Drake
Album: Nothing Was The Same
Release date: September 24th 2013
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Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Review & Overview)

Drake is one of the most intimet artists in hip-hop today, especially after the release of his new album “Nothing Was The Same.” Moving away from old school hardcore hip-hop artistes such as Wu-Tang or Big-L, he has carved a name for himself with the new age hip-hop fans over the course of his last two albums. Mixing elements from R&B and electronic music with his unique rap style, Drake has delivered a solid performance with his new album. While the last album “Take Care” concentrated on where he is headed to, the new album “Nothing Was The Same” takes you on a nostalgic trip to where he came from.

Being as confident as ever, Drake has embraced what makes him stand out from the rest: raw emotion. Singing at a pitch which is comfortable for him, he delivers a soothing performance that will pump your veins in excitement. There is also a slight hint of self-improvement laid out throughout the tracks in the album. If you’re familiar with his previous albums, listening to the new album is a far richer experience than consuming it alone. The raw emotions and the evolution of him, both as a person and as a singer, really flesh out well in the current album.

The progress is really obvious in Drake’s latest album. Each song in the album has a sensible story of its own, bridging the gap between the artiste’s emotions and that of its audience. Some of the themes covered under the new tracks are nostalgia, acceptance, pride, honor and respect.

In the intro track “Tuscan Leather,” Drake makes the audience aware of his greatness and prepares them for all the things to come. This song features no chorus, but makes the listeners yearn for more. Although Drake makes it clear that this song isn’t for the radio, the six-minute song is just too groovy for any radio station to miss out on its popularity.

The next track “Furthest Thing” discusses the positive and negative aspects of fame. Co-produced by Jake One, this song ends on a positive note, though it delves deep into the psyche of what every celebrity thinks. Even though fame brings along with it a lot of untoward results, it still brings one success.

The next track “Started From The Bottom” was the first released official single from the album, and it sort of sets a tone for the entire album. This is definitely the anthem song of this album, which every Drake fan would be grooving to. The song details the rags to riches success story of Drake, and how he deals with fame, which is the underlying theme of the entire album.

The next two tracks “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Own It” are meant to be listened in tandem with each other. The first song is a retelling of Wu-Tang’s chilling “It’s Yourz,” but it adds a hint of piano music to spice up the atmosphere. The next track “Own It” features music and voice from Detail and PartyNextDoor, and it blends in perfectly with the track coming before it.

The DJ-Dahi produced track “Worst Behavior” comes next, and here Drake capitalizes on the previous track’s inspiration to jump into a boastful mode. Rapping with a rougher tone than he’s generally used to, Drake portrays his struggles as a kid and how he’s grown up to be a man now.

The theme of the next track “From Time” is all the past loves that never blossomed in Drake’s life. Jhene Aiko provides a soothing voice to complement Drake’s unique pitch, though it is evident from the song that Drake still holds a lot of regret for all his past relationships.

Hold On, We're Going Home” is a bone-chilling song where Drake breaks up on the theme of loneliness. Pleading to hold on, Drake emotes brilliantly through this song. The next two tracks “Connect” and “The Language” concentrate on the various aspects of fame, while keeping the chest thumping aspects intact.

In the next track “305 To My City,” he proceeds to reclaim his throne in his hometown, while a slow scratching beat runs in the background. The next song “Too Much” is perhaps the most emotional song of this album, wherein Drake touches upon the negative impact that fame has brought to his life, and how it has affected the relationship with his family.

Closing the album is the track “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music” featuring Jay Z. Though Jay Z jumps in to support him, Drake carries this song wonderfully to bring the entire journey to a satisfying finish. To conclude, “Nothing Was The Same” is an excellent hip-hop album from Drake. Unlike most of the rap albums out there, this album delves deeper into various other topics. This is truly one of the most successful albums from Drake.

Drake – Nothing Was The Same [Album Stream]

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Drake – Nothing Was The Same Tracklist

  1. Tuscan Leather
  2. Furthest Thing
  3. Started From The Bottom [Watch Video]
  4. Wu-Tang Forever
  5. Own It
  6. Worst Behavior
  7. From Time
  8. Hold On, We’re Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan) [Music Video]
  9. Connect
  10. The Language
  11. 305 To My City (feat. Detail)
  12. Too Much
  13. Pound Cake (feat. Jay Z) / Paris Morton Music 2
  14. Come Thru
  15. All Me (feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean)