Posted on July 29, 2008

It’s often said that nothing can be accomplished without some sacrifice or hardship. In hip-hop’s case, there’s always been a deliberate entanglement of over coming some obstacle or changing one’s own supposed predestined future. In the case of Brandon “Hustle Boy” Brewer that hardship has proved to be realer than any other story you could possibly string together. With words of failure instead of encouragement spoken to him, a life full of shuffling from one place to the next, and an uncertain path, he was a person striving for a balance. That balance would come in the form of music.

Honing his craft quietly for more than 10 years, Hustle Boy finally attracted the attention of United Strtz Entertainment owner Debo Brightwell, who after hearing from his nephew D’Anthony about the rhyme slingers undiscovered talent, took a chance and has now named him the new face of the United Strtz Entertainment’s movement. Headed by partners Brightwell and Malik Fosterbey , the United Strtz Entertainment has already received a number of endorsements by some of today’s leading industry professionals.

“He’s got something here,” says Block CEO and Owner of Block Entertainment, one of Atlanta’s premier labels. “He’s recorded about 15 songs and has more singles than other artist who have recorded well over 100.”

Motivated by goals to break what he calls the “curse” of his family’s situation, do to their lack of resources and opportunities, Hustle Boy looks to make the industry take notice.

With something for everyone and the struggles of his past apparent in his music, Hustle Boy should be the name on everyone’s lips by the end of 2008. Where his future will go is uncertain but unlike his past one thing he has is the stability in United Strtz Entertainment.

Take a listen to his new single “Grind On” below and for more on Hustle Boy check him out over at

Grind On

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