The Boondocks Season 4, Episode 10: The New Black

Posted on June 24, 2014
The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 10 489

Riley is targeted after using offensive language.

This week The Boondocks tackles the over sensitive nature of today's culture specifically when it comes to the Gay and Special needs communities. I've experienced this these days, even when I'm writing, I'm now worried about saying something that offends some group.

Even when you sign up to to sites these days, the gender specification has expanded beyond male and female.

If your on the Hip Hop scene, you'll find your self in disbelief when someone calls you homophobic for using the word “pause.”

This episode is definitely one of the most socially relevant from the final season. It's a funny spin on a issue that's been abusing the use of politically incorrect terms to demonize folks who were other totally OK people before being labeled

The two best quotes came from Uncle Ruckus which is usually the case.

Uncle Rukus' Qoute

This is a good day for me, cause I love it. Nothing makes me happier than to see the coons and the benders tear each other down.

But one thing Uncle Rukus will not tolerate, and you may write this down, is disrespect to the mentally afflicted. And sometimes with n****s it can be difficult to spot mental disabilities, cause lets face it, suffering from brain damage is something n****s do very well.

That's why all the best mentally challenge men have always been black. Michael CLarke Duncan in The Green Mile, Cuba Gooding Jr. in Radio and that biiiig black n***a from The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock was good in that movie, don't get me wrong but that big dumb Football n***a, ah aah he was a natural.

Riley's Qoute

Specially able? Ah here we go again, is that what n****s are calling the short bus kids now? Specially able! N***a ninjas are specially able, Luke Skywalker is specially able. You n****s are just retarded.

Check out the episode below.

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