Camron On The Cover Of XXL, Speaks On Problems With Jim Jones

Posted on February 4, 2009
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So I understand what the fans are saying,” Cam told XXL executive editor Vanessa Satten, who penned the article. “And it’s kinda messed up. But what you gotta realize is that things can always be fixed behind the scenes. But once a problem gets public, it’s kind of unfixable.”

Causes for problems with Jim Jones:
“The two things that you could say it was is: The come to my house and try to start a fake beef between me and [Jim],” Cam explained. “And the kinda like siding with 50 when me and him is in the dead middle of beefing or whatever.”-Marvin Brandon

Will Cam go at Jimmy in a record? Is he going to start up again with 50 Cent giving him more fuel for his album? Not not to mention Tru Life punching him in the face, will he address that? It's going to be interesting to see what the next few months in Hip Hop are going to be like,

Heard Cam been hitting that Gym too….

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