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Artist: Trina
Song: We Takin Over Remix
We Takin Over Remix - Trina, Jacki-O, Lil Mo, Remy Ma ...
Artist: Joell Ortiz
Song: Rapper Of The Year
I don't know how people can say Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, they must not be listening to dudes like Papoose, Saigon and Joell Ortiz. Listen to this ...
This is the good side, try to stay away from the bad side, cause you don't want to see bad side. Check out more related audio and video of Lil ...
Artist: Chingy
Song: Make That Money
Ok after biting the hand that fed him, Chingy left DTP to go solo and managed to drop two album which did not do so well despite his hit single ...
Artist: 50 Cent
Song: Fully Loaded Clip
Yes, 50 Cent is back at it (not surprised). Fully Loaded Clip sounds like it's going to spark some friction between him and many other artists (or maybe not), which ...
Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Back On My Grizzy
Lil Wayne spittin that crack on this "Back on My Grizzy" joint, he is definately back on his grizzy. ...
Artist: Diddy
Song: Last Night Remix
Of course the remix king Diddy would have to make a remix of his smash it "Last Night" featuring Keyshia Cole. The Remix features Busta Rymes and Lil Kim along ...
Artist: Donny Goines
Song: Im Nice
Donny Goines is on his grind and is quickly making a name for himself. You can find him on some of the hottest hip hop site such as,, ...
Artist: Jin
Song: Rain Rain Go Away
I was waiting for a hip hop artist to do this, I'm surprised Jin was the first to do it but you can definitely expect more to come. I had ...
Jersey City, New Jersey has surely got one of the best kept secrets in the music game right now. This talented secret goes by the name of Don Covarsi ...
Artist: TI
Song: Big Things Poppin
TI VS TIP single "Big Sh*t Poppin" hits the internet. Check it out Below...Let me know what you think? ...
So Vida dissed The Game after he dissed her in his new single “Could'nt Get Far.” And now I guess his feelings are hurt since he has dissed her AGAIN. ...
Artist: Lil Mama
Song: Lip Gloss
Lil Mama at only at 17 years old from Brooklyn, NY already has her first hit single "Lip Gloss" of her debut album titled "Voice Of The Young People", she ...
Artist: Young Jeezy
Song: Mr. 17.5
"I Bring It Back To The Block" says Young Jeezy on one of his hottest tracks (Mr. 17.5) on his album called "The Inspiration". Mr. 17.5 was produced by Don ...