DJ Khaled – Dissing 50 Cent and Young Buck

Posted on August 28, 2007
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This joint funny, how can he even sit there and lie like that when I was in Miami 2 weeks ago where he was forced to play “I Get Money” because the listeners kept on requesting it. My whole thing is a hit record is a hit record, I've heard Dj Khaled and Fat Joe records played on Shade 45 the only thing is that they play records that were made before the beef happened, same thing with Jadakiss and the rest of D-Block and I can respect that. They play the sh*t out of Lil Wayne records and we all know that 50 Cent don't like him but that doesn't mean he isn't hot, 50 even said it himself (with that being said Wayne can't compete with 50 though).And now he doesn't know Young Buck anymore I remember records before the beef happened where he was yelling out Young Buck's name, that's probably due to the record of Buck Dissing him, which really wasn't a dis record just Buck stating the facts. (Rappers are like 4th graders these days)

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