Do Jay-Z and Rihanna Have Something Going On?

Posted on February 12, 2008
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We watched this over and over to make sure…When Rihanna goes to walk on stage, her and JayZ greet each other (I think they hugged) and then she grabs his hand and they walk toward the stage. Beyonce must have yelled at her (you can barely see her in the shot), because Rihanna quickly lets go of his hand and throws her hands up in the air–pissed off. She said something, but it was hard to tell what by the camera angle. Probably, “Whatever!” or something like that. There was def bad blood there–and I did notice like others mentioned that Jay headed to stage with her, but didnt do the red carpet with Beyonce or make an appearance for any of her onstage/award stuff.

We all know that Jay-Z is tapping Rihanna we just can't prove it yet, there chemistry is a little too great……

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