Drake Speaks On His Upcoming Album and The Rihanna Make Out Rumors

Posted on May 23, 2009
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“I have a lot to prove – to myself and people, period. I released this mixtape and it’s kinda like: ‘Now you really have to release an album. That’s what artist’s do.’ “Can excitement last from May or June all the way till the end of this year? ’Cause that’s when the album’s going to come out,” he says. “How do I maintain that excitement?”

Full Interview: Much Music

See this is the problem with labels, they are always dragging there asses and I have no idea what having a buzz is and how it's maintained. Buzz is something when you loose it you rarely get it back. Were going to need a So Far Gone part 2 if the album is dropping next year.

Drake hits up Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds to clear up the Rihanna make out rumors.


Video where he says, “Shoutout to Rihanna. I love you, baby”.

What do y'all think? sounds like he's hiding something , and what are your thoughts on him droping his album next year, Do we need a So Far Gone Part 2 until then?

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