Floyd Mayweather Talks Rick Ross Feud (Says Rick Ross is A Fan Of Mayweather!)

Posted on October 16, 2009
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Floyd “Money” Mayweather is not someone you want to trade blows with — in the ring or over the radio.

As a professional boxer, he has 40 wins under his belt. As a business mogul, Mayweather lives up to his nickname “Money Mayweather” — his last three title fights generated close to $300 million in revenue. And as an entertainer, Mayweather loves to floss.

Boxing and hip-hop fans alike may remember that 50 Cent was a member of Mayweather’s ringside entourage at his 2007 super welterweight fight against Oscar De La Hoya. It was this friendship with 50 that launched Mayweather into an ongoing verbal sparring match with 50’s rival Rick Ross.

When Rick Ross dropped the line, “That Mayweather money looking funny in the light” on the track “Mafia Music” in reference to the rumors that Mayweather allegedly owed the IRS over $6 million, Mayweather understandably took offense. He hit back at Ross in interviews, criticizing Ross’ pre-rap career as a corrections officer, saying, “If I need someone arrested, I’ll call him.” And when the Rick Ross and Triple C’s track “Go” dropped, the war between the two heated up. The video began with Ross saying, “F— Floyd Mayweather,” before continuing to make fun of the sparrer’s IRS problems.

“I just think that when you are on a certain level, you just let things go by,” Mayweather said about the situation. “I’m a fighter. That’s what I do. I’m into contact. He’s a rapper. That’s what he do. The thing I’m gonna do is stay in my lane and let him stay in his lane.”

But it seems Rick Ross might also be a fan of Floyd Mayweather — in fact, Mayweather says Ross was at his 2007 fight against Ricky Hatton. “He paid money to see me … I appreciate the donation from Rick Ross,” Mayweather said.


Well played Mayweather, well played, officer Ricky your up lets see what you got.

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