iHipHopMusic PSA: To All Users, Fans and Artists that Use The Site, We Screwed Up Big Time

Posted on August 7, 2012

If your wondering why the site looks like it went back in time, that's because it did.

First let me say this, there is no excuse for what happened and I won't even attempt to make one, it was a straight up error on my part.

Here's What Happened

Early yesterday morning there was a internal problem that affected some backend functions, nothing to do with the front-end of the site. In an attempt to fix the issue, we well I decided to restore the site to a previous time it was working correctly as you would with a computer.

When the site launched on June 6th 2012, I was under the impression that backups were being made on a daily basis as it always has on when it was HipHopMusicDotCom.com, for whatever reason it wasn't.

Long story short, the site restored back to June 8th 2012 and everything published in the past 2 months has been lost with no way of getting it back, my content, as well as the content from the hundreds on independent artists that where using the platform.

There is no apology good enough to make up for all the work that has been lost, but I'm very sorry especially to the independent artists that lost all their music, plays and download, it's unacceptable.

We tried everything but the data simply cannot be retrieved. I'm embarrassed since I'm a Web Designer and something as fundamental as up-to-date backups should be a given. If this had happened with one of my client's websites I would have been sued, for making a mistake like that.

The goal was to take the site to the next level and with one mistake took it back to day one.

What's Being Done Now

  • All the music that's been featured on the site that were uploaded by myself and staff will be re-added manually, Yikes. Over time you'll notice that in the related music section.
  • The site is being backed up daily, locally and on in a 3rd party location as well as being downloaded to storage drives.
  • We have a separate backup for content uploaded by artists, so incase anything happens we'll have separate backups.
  • Tha Block wasn't affected since it was being backed-up daily for the past 5 years and is hosted on a different server.
  • You have my word, that nothing as stupid as this will ever happen again!

Once again I apologize for this inconvenience, I still can't believe it actually happened, crazy yow.

Right now we're also changing a few things for artists uploading their music to make thins work a little better, which it why the “upload music” link isn't there right now. It will be back shortly.


:-( :-((

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