Is Hip Hop To Blame For Pot Smokin

Posted on March 11, 2007

It seems like every social issue is blamed on hip hop these, If I'm not mistaken pot smoking has been going on way before hip hop was even conceived. Things like this only happen in America, we're all very jaded and expect everyone else to raise our children but us. That footage has nothing to do with hip hop and everything to do with irresponsible parents. Yes hip hop does exploit women, promote drugs and violence but it also promotes positivity, social awareness. It motivates people who have nothing to go out and become something, it encourages you to have a voice. Many other genres of music have as much negativity as hip hop does, but since those genres are not considered to be black music no one cares. Hip Hop is black music and has become the number genre of music making billions of dollars yearly, this is why it's always under the scope.

Lets stop depending on everyone and everything else to raise our children….Hip Hop

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