Jay Electronica Feels He Had The Best “Control” Verse

Posted on April 20, 2014
Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica has been on a Twitter tirade lately, a few weeks ago he up in arms about so called “thugs” and crooked cops. Now he's aback at it again, on Friday he had more rant tweets during a fan Q&A session.

He spent a few hours answering questions from fans about Hip Hop and the media in general. Through all the questions one that really stood out to both Jay and fans was the question about his verse on Big Sean's Control track which is mostly known for Kendrick Lamar's arguable legendary verse.

Well now 8 months later, Jay Elect now feels that his verse was the best one, with Big Sean taking second place and Kendrick coming in 3rd place. What? Third place!?

Here's what Jay had to say and why it's not a diss.

“He really didn't say anything,” Jay said about Kendrick's verse. He also added that Kendrick is one of his favorites, and that his assessment was not a diss.

Later in his chat, Jay also touched on Drake having tea with Erykah Badu, who’s the mother of his child, Mars. Jay didn't offer details, but said that he had stories of the both of them that he was keeping under wraps. He went on to say that Drake and him had not worked together on a song, contradicting earlier reports that there is a song with the two of them over a Just Blaze beat.

He also added that his album release date which has now reached “Detox” level will be dropping this year, I'll believe when I see it.

Check out the Tweets below.

@cb_theman98 me, big sean then kendrick. he really didn't say anything.
— ????Jay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 19, 2014

@HigashiNY @cb_theman98 no shots. everyone knows i like kendrick. but facts are facts.
— ????Jay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 19, 2014

@_eliul but i DO have some funny drake/erkah stories that i will keep to the grave. hahhahahahahahaha
— ????Jay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 18, 2014

@nonameforme23 we never did.
— ????Jay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 18, 2014

new ppl I f**k w: Danny brown, asap rocky and ferg.. ab soul.. joey badass et…
— ????Jay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 18, 2014

So what's your thought on Jay Electronica's assessment of the “Control” verse? Also what's up with that whole Drake and Erykah Badu issue he brought up? References the verse from Days In The East.

Hip Hop is really turning into a Soap Opera.

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