Jim Jones ft. Ron Browz & Juelz Santana – Pop Champagne Video

Posted on November 9, 2008
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Music video from Jimmy and Ron Browz for “Pop Champagne” featuring Juelz Santana, check it out, it would seem Jim Jones has a second hit record. It's about time.

Sidebar:Yeah we back now, we had a little server problem but we fixed it, actually it's y'all fault for hitting up the site so much I'm gonna have to upgrade my servers again……LOL

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    What do you mean studio magic? I give Nicki props she was a breath of fresh, but just cuz her camp is not liked by all she gets a bad rap,  Now this girl here, Go and listen to smoothe and 2pac PYT this styles already been done son,  if you like the artist thats fine, but dont throw out Queen Latifahs, and Nicki's and what not, Santana camp is known for good flows and clothes, but no artist now will ever be as good as whats already been done thats why they dont rock it like like they use to with just two turntables and a mic.  Vocoder, and bling sell the scene, its all bout marketing, the real artists didnt get paid, like these people nowadays, but the good music coming out today say's alot about the love for the craft,  Public school english class not like it was back in the day, violence was there, but fatboys, ultramagnetic didnt have to rap about it 24-7 at all!  Pharcyde some of the best shit ever but they werent hard so they fell off.  Good, Id rather know they didnt sell out then try and come all hard and shit.  Gen gap has old and new clashing on whats good and whats not.  Cant we just have the music without the whole area code bullshit. Cuz its not where your from, its where your at.

    Chozen moderator

    @elinfinite01 Studio Magic meaning she's not really a singer, I'm one of the biggest Nicki supporters. Check the archives of this site, I said Nicki was going to be the next big thing back in 2006 before anyone else. Quit being such a stan.