Jimmy Henchmen’s Henchmen Charged with Murder of Tony Yayo Associate

Posted on June 18, 2011
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Damn, this guy was putting hits out on everybody huh? Last month federal prosecutors charged Rodney Johnson, 37 and Brian McCleod, 40 with the 2009 murder of Tony Yayo associate Lowell Fletcher. The FBI say tha Johnson and McCleod arranged and carried out the murder of Fletcher as retaliation for the widely publicized assault on Henchmen’s teenage son back in 2007. You might recall Fletcher pretty took the rap for Yayo, who most believed actually slapped the kid around. Back then you would never have thought it would all turn out like this.

In related news, it appears that the confession that Dexter Isaac’s made is already starting to look shaky, The Smoking Gun received the same statement from Isaac as AllHipHop, but chose not to publish it. They analyzed the confession and found a few holes in the story, which was also supported by a post Miss Info made. Currently the feds are investigating Isacc's claims and are also trying to locate Henchmen, who is still M.I.A..

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