Lexilex Daily Soap Dish Vol 8: Um…what the damn!!!

Posted on September 19, 2007
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What's up lovers and advocates of Hip-Hop! I must say that I've truly in-deed have missed you all. In the beginning, I thought ya’ll wasn’t feeling the DSD but I see that ya’ll are beginning to talk back to me so… here I am! My apologies though! I've just been mad busy, and to make things worse, I've lost my points (the things that I plan on blogging about) today somewhere so here it goes.

Accept it: Will somebody please inform 50 that it's time to just accept his failures. Not only has he lost this battle in the US but he has lost overseas as well. In addition, he has canceled his tour – but nonetheless, the man is still talking s**t… um… give it up! The people have spoken and he wasn't heard. Point blank. Kanye is hotter. That s**t rocks. Sadly, he’s blaming Def Jam with tampering with debut sales for “buying more Kanye albums”… um could it be that your s**t sucks?! Every time I go to the store, I just look at Curtis and sigh. Sorry, I won’t pick up the album. I just can’t bring myself to it. Nonetheless, I did check it out on myspace and I ended up checking out one song in its entirety and that’s Ayo Technology. But hey! He can still be my boo…. Lol! Speaking of Good Music, ya’ll need to really check out that Common Finding Forever. That’s a really hot album and Chicago is definitely representing it for quality music. I must admit, if you’re not going to physically listen to the album, then this album is definitely not for you! In addition, Jada and Will were out and about representing their spicy love life at the premier for some new movie. They were definitely getting a little too close…so accept it, they ain’t leaving each other no time soon!

What the damn!? – I never knew another man would want another man's balls but apparently, Marc Ecko spent $752,467 on Barry Bond’s 756th baseball and has no idea with what he wants to do with it. That was just dumb! My question is – is it even autographed? Master P is teaching the kids about financial decisions and the importance of education. My question is: are you doing it out the kindness of your heart or are you doing it because you mismanaged your funds by grilling out every tooth in your mouth? Um…. Just asking… I’m sure he’s getting paid somewhere for that! Alicia Keys is caught by those paparazzi without makeup. I guess she should be sued with a class action lawsuit against all ya’ll that ran out to buy Proactiv thinking that it worked on her face cause she damn sure fooled me! That a*s still got pimples and blotches everywhere…. I want my refund! 50’s baby mama is also seeking an increase in child support, I guess that squashes that infamous line in ‘I get money’… about him and his child support…

Just Give it up! – in other news, will somebody inform Ashanti that she is an official has-been and if it weren’t for Nelly (who is semi-unimportant) she would be long and forgotten about. I’m not sure if you all have heard her second wack a*s attempt in making a comeback, but if not, it’s up on the net. I won’t even support her by telling you all the name of the track. It’s THAT wack and I don’t want ya’ll be mad at me for wasting a download on that! Straight up! But aside from that, Mama finally bought a decent stylist and she’s looking semi-cute. Too bad her musical abilities aren’t up to par. Speaking of cute, Halle Berry is looking fabulous! She was spotted out this weekend shopping for baby clothes but for those who wanted Jennifer Hudson to play Aretha Franklin in her autobiography movie, sorry for you! She demanded Halle instead – but when will somebody inform Aretha that she looks nothing like Halle! Speaking of other foolishness, Usher is trying to still sell that cologne. I doubt it. Speaking of just stupidness, Ludacris was on Law & Order tonight, he does better as an actor that he does a rapper….tisk tisk! I guess two boyish females can’t be friends without folk thinkin ya gay but if you’re Alicia Keys & Eve, the rumor is: You’re seeing each other… I don’t believe that mess! Speaking of other dumb s**t, some tackhead wrote mediatakeout.com and said that Lil’ Wayne wets the bed after s*x… um… the question is: how would you know unless yo groupie a*s was being a s**t and fucked a drunk celebrity! Lol. He won’t even know ya name… tisk tisk!

I can’t wait – I soooo cannot wait for TI’s new video Hurt to air. He shot it in Atlanta this past weekend… and definitely, I can’t wait for Keyshia Cole’s new album Just Like You hitting stores on next Tuesday. I heard some tracks and it’s definitely hot. My girl rips it My Life (Mary J. Blige) style. Check it out. Babyface has a new album coming out… hopefully he brings back some chivalry!

Check me out on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sweetfaceh0nii I am Alexis, Empress, Lexilex, Nikki G., the emotional alcoholic… All them alias is me dammit. Lol.Get fresh!

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