Lexilex Review: A Different Me

When Keyshia Cole named her album A Different Me, she definitely prepared her fans for a shift in music. While still riding on the wave of hit singles such as Heaven Sent and I Remember, Keyshia sat down with mega producers such as Polo Da Don, Dallas Austin, Ron Fair, and the Trackmasters to co-write her third solo effort. She even invited her best friend Monica, the legendary Tupac and Nas to appear on the album. However, for most Keyshia Cole fans, this is definitely a different side of Keyshia that most weren’t expecting.

With songs such as Play Your Cards Right, Keyshia experiences a different taste in music. Although it appears that Keyshia wants to be in love, wanting to take her time, it also appears as if Keyshia just threw this song onto the album just because she felt like it was a long and overdue single to be released. On Make Me Over, Keyshia is asking for her man to make her over, almost sampling Tina Turner’s song I want to be made over. Even though the track has a funky DC/Maryland Go-Go sounding beat, it’s not enough for me to want to continue to listen to the album. With You Complete Me, and Brand New it seems as though Keyshia’s co-writers finally find her voice as she nails this record with all sincerity. However, with songs such as Beautiful Music and Where this Could End Up, I’m left wondering if this is Keyshia Cole or Paula Abdul’s album that I am listening to.

Overall, fans will be left disappointed with this different side of Keyshia Cole. This album definitely lacks the more sensual and sexy, yet feisty side of Keyshia that most fans are used to. This album definitely reflects the communal efforts put into rushing this album; it doesn’t seem fully representative of Keyshia’s abilities as an artist and writer. Perhaps this album will grow on fans but it is definitely one to purchase as time goes on. I’m not sure what side of Keyshia the producers were going for, but this side of Keyshia needs to not be exposed to her fans.

With all of the greatest disappointments of the world, I give her album two out of five stars.

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