Lexilex WTF: Foxy Brown & Rick Ross? Khia snaps on the radio, JD is getting punked by DJS, Janet’s promo canceled,

Posted on June 9, 2008

Foxy Brown Rick Ross

Sources have confirmed on from both camps that Foxy Brown and Rick Rossare a definite item. Granted, this is fairly an odd couple, the sources have revealed that Foxy is taking her ill nana to Miami to be with the Boss.


In spite of all of the efforts to sell Janet Jackson‘s latest album Discipline, Def Jam has ended all promotional work for her album. Even though she is trying to go on tour, again, the company has ended all beliefs that Ms. Jackson will sell multi-million records of her latest project.

If you're a big fan of The Game and have been counting down the days to his album L.A.X. to drop, you've got more days to add on to your wait. That's right ya'll, his album has been pushed back perhaps to be checked for wackness. Now, I'm not saying he is trash, horrible, or anything like that. He has some great points but I'm not the first one to be excited about anything he works on.

Usher admitted finally that it is indeed hard being a married man. Usher has been quoted as saying, I’m good at making love, but I’m not good at being in love. It’s a conscious decision every day to love the person you’re with.” to Cosmopolitan Magazine. I wonder how his wife, Tameka Foster-Raymond feels about that statement. My thing is, how can you even utter a thought like that when you've claimed that your wife has made you a better man but the better man can't be in love with his wife without making a decision to do so everyday? To me, it shouldn't even be a second thought about rather or not you are in love with your wife… but do you! That's ya'll buznaz!


Contrary to popular belief, I love Khia. I actually had the opportunity to speak with her about two months ago and gained a whole different understanding to her than what meets the eye, which is why I wasn't surprised when she snapped off on V-103's Porsha Foxx live on air in Atlanta last week. Khia don't play that and I am honestly glad that she played Porsha the way that she did since Ms. Fox tried to carry Khia live on air. To see this all play out, click here: http://www.v103webmag.com/page/porsche-foxx and make sure you watch both parts of the interview!

DJ's are starting dismiss Jermaine Dupri along side of Lil' Wayne for saying that “DJs are Dead” after saying that DJs don't hustle for the artist anymore. After being put on blast by Atlanta's Gregg Street, I can see a new boycott coming against JD as well.

Forever, I love Atlanta… it's where all the bull ish in Hip-Hop goes down!

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