Lexilex WTF: Where was 50?, R. Kelly’s Trial, Lil’Wayne’s ‘f**k up’, Usher sells over 440K, Ashanti Promotes New Album

Posted on June 4, 2008

50 Cent Was it just me or did anybody else notice that 50 didn't appear on 106 &
Park yesterday with the rest of Unit? Now, I don't know if you all heard about the feud that's going on between 50 and Rocsi, but here's the story… Rocsi has been feeling 50 for some time, wanted to get her freak on with my man but 50 says ‘no.' So Rocsi gets mad and disses 50's album during the time of the whole Kanye VS 50 world war. She gets mad cause 50's like “dude, I know 4 other n****s you've fucked” and calls his album garbage. 50 goes on air and says he never wants to do 106 & Park (or something like that) because of her because he can't stand Rocsi. So is that why 50 didn't show up to the show or was because he's running from his baby mama?… Or working on that new film in the NOLA.

R. KellyWell folks, it looks like R. Kelly has his own real life saga of Trapped in the Closet with his child pornography court case. It appears that the Chicago Sun Times reporter whom leaked the video has refused to show up in court, claming that he never received the documentation needed from the court indicating that he needed to be present. Now, the judge in the case has ordered for him to show up in court TODAY or be thrown in jail. This is after a woman from Atlanta testified, properly identifying R. Kelly and his teenage courterpart as being in the video AFTER she also participated in a threesome with the young girl and R. Kelly. However, her crediability has been damaged after she admitted to having once stole Kelly's $20,000 watch from a hotel, where she had been staying since she quit her job in Atlanta to be with him.

Hmm… I wonder if Kells is going to write a soap about this drama…..

Lil Wayne Well folks, it looks like Lil Wayne is about to put his foot in his mouth 100% as mix tape DJs are continuing to leak his album on purpose! This comes after Wayne says “f**k DJS” so now the DJs are saying “F**K WAYNE” back in return. It has been said that Wayne's The Carter III album has had over one million downloads, ALREADY. To make matters worse, the DJs responsible have no remorse for their actions. One DJ has been quoted as saying, “Lil Wayne said f**k mixtape DJs… so now I'm about to show that boy the meaning of bootleg. I'll be damned if I let (anyone) get away with saying f**k me without him facing some type of repercussions, including Lil Wayne… Don't buy the new Lil Wayne album. Download it for free!”

Wowwwwww!!! Looks like Wayne is going to have to find another hustle to fight off all those lawsuits surrounding his a*s because not only is this album going to flop (yep, blame it on supply and demand especiallyw ith the economy being so bad) but now he's not doing another mix tape ever again… Although my man has apologized for his remarks, they ain't buying it… I guess he brings a new meaning to ‘go DJ'.

Mel B Former Spice Girl Mel B scooped her mommy bags up into this fly but ultra small corset like top as she appeared on the red carpet for ‘Ultimo' At Debenhams Liverpool. I say, either she got a lotta water bags propping those boobies up or she got implants. What do you think?

Ashanti Ashanti is working really hard to promote her, The Declaration, to pay those wonderful stylist of hers that she's been missing all of her career. Ashanti was looking 100% fabulous yesterday as she did a promotional stop in the Virgin Records Megastore.

Speaking of selling records, ya'll….

Usher America's beloved asswhole, Usher has sold the most albums this year with a beautiful 445K units sold the first week. I guess all that loving up in the club enticed some folks to run out and buy his album, Here I Stand. You know, it's really sad when 445K is the highest number of units sold when this time last 600K+ units sold was the highest number. That says a lot about this industry we support. Anyways, I'm not sure if I exactly have $13.99 to buy this CD but if it's on sale at Target still for $9.99 I just might go buy it. Besides, I'm still bitter about the time I was about 13 and Usher was on a promo tour for his sophomore LP My Way. He was scheduled to make an appearance at a skating rink, which I freqented anyways, but I stood in line for about two hours in the middle of below zero temperatures… paid $40 to get in and his a*s left after standing in the building for about 3 minutes SO YES B*****S, I AM BITTER. Lol…. naw but for real, much love to Ursh for breaking that barrier… now he can give me back my $40 plus interest… (LOL).

Alright ya'll… that's all that I got for now.

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