Lexilex’s “I HEARD THAT”: Are You Serious?

Posted on December 26, 2007
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Recently, I got so bored that I googled myself and I saw that several websites sited my columns on hiphopmusicdotcom.com and I just wanted to send a big shout out to all of my WTF fans all over who love what I write (even if you disagree) because I write to entertain not to appease the world with what I gotta say, I am not Oprah (lol). And since we're slightly putting people on blast, I want to put UPS on blast for having me wait all day for my package. I hate the Hammond, IN branch of the United Parcel Service because every time they are scheduled to deliver, they have us waiting around all day just to say, “the driver will be there before 7:oo PM”.

WTF people…just WTF! Now…. ARE YOU SERIOUS?I know most of ya’ll have heard the recent allegations against Chris Stokes, the former manager of the faded out teen sensation B2K within the last past few days. As unnerving as this whole situation seems to not be for me (since I thought they were all gay to begin with), my question is why did Raz-B wait so damn long to open his soup coolers to tell someone? I mean, this is after he worked in the male strip club to make ends meet once he was disbanded from B2K. Perhaps he was gay all along. Then you have every media outlet in America giving this undecided male figure (including myself – lol) the desperate attention both he and Chris Stokes needs by highlighting this non-revelation secret. I mean really, who cares? I could see if maybe they still had a hit single on somebody’s charts but all of these guys are has-beens in everyone’s eyes. I mean really… ARE THEY SERIOUS? Brittney Spear and younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears are both pregnant at the same time (as reported) but what I don’t understand is why so many parents are stretched so far out of shape regarding the pregnancy. I mean let’s look at the situation carefully. This IS Brittney Spears’ sister.  They are from a small HICKISH town in the middle of Louisiana. How common is this in their area? At least Jamie Lynn is not doing stupid ish like that weird sister of hers. Lindsey Lohan’s ex-lover is calling her a s*x addict and I am not surprised. Normally, people do anything for coke so maybe that addiction stemmed from that. Yung Joc, currently known as Dumb Joc, is currently wanted by the po-pos for not showing up to his arraignment today for his gun charges. Last week, he was caught trying to get on a plain in Cleveland with a gun as if he were a not a n***a with coins and thought that he was above the law. I tell you one thing, if I see his a*s, I’m turning him in. I don’t care if he was cool with me when I interviewed him a few months ago… he’s still a wanted man which means there is a reward for his a*s which means I can finally go Christmas shopping for the fam… hello! (lol) Remy Ma was sued for $20M by her best friend after being shot by Remy in the fall. Ya’ll know she was pressed for money just last week when her attorney tried to get Remy approved for touring overseas for $40K but was denied. To make matters worse, home girl who put Remy on blast on YouTube is still going strong with the allegations that Remy likes the coodie. All I know is what the ol’ folks used to say, ITS CHEAPER TO KEEPER. My biggest wish in 08 is for Remy and Foxy Brown to be really good friends because neither one of these ladies can get a break. Since when has R. Kelly became so important that a fan is willing to go to jail for his a*s for taking pictures of him when in court on her cell phone?  Who thought it was a good idea to shoot Ne-Yo’s video for “Go on Girl” like that? That’s so not cute. Why are so many people bothered by Jay-Z’s departure from Def Jam. Surely you didn’t think that –that was a long-term gig for him? Yeah right! That was just a sidebar job. Other than that, ain’t nothing else going on in Hollywood and Bollywood.Hit me up http://www.myspace.com/Lexilex

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