Posted on January 4, 2008
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Man… it’s only three days into 2008, and already s**t is going straight bogus in Bollywood. First off, Reggie Bush and Kim Hodasian are really engage. Like first off, who wifes up a hoe like that? Secondly, I finally saw that s*x tape with Ray-J. That confirms to me it’s something suspect about his a*s. How was she moaning off of THAT ish? Then, Vivica Fox was supposedly caught giving head to a man in Atlanta via cell phone. She went to the police about it but you know when you’re drunk, s**t like that happens. All I gotta say is learn how to control your liquor mama! Chris Brown is being sued for $1M by the man who designed his set for his tour for a breach of contract after not receiving his money for designing his set. Tiny and Tip are indeed pregnant and are having another son. Speaking of Tip, his trial has been postponed until mid to late February. Some chick is telling everybody she’s pregnant by Soulja Boy. That figures. I just hope she’s not non-African-American. Why is MC HAMMER trying to make a comeback via YouTube with this dance off completion? Like in real life, who is trying to dance like his a*s in 08? MTV’s Making the Band Sarah Stokes is on the cover of some hair magazine in the beauty supply that I definitely by-passed. Apparently, she’s trying make a career without Diddy. That didn’t seem like an interesting read at all. Tracy Edmonds and Eddie Murphy really did get married. They are now called the Black Brady Bunch because together they have nine kids…WTF! Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan are newsworthy again for no damn reason at all. Beyoncè won her law suit; she ain’t stole s**t from nobody! Ugh. That’s about it for now… I’m sure the plot thickens!

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