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Posted on December 21, 2007
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As if you haven’t noticed, the New Year is quickly approaching but before we can get to 2008, we’re going to send 2007 out with a bang!

Bundles of Joy?

With pregnancies in the air all over Hollywood, there are a few highly anticipated births awaiting us in 2008. First it began with Halle Berry, then Jennifer Lopez, now it’s Jessica Alba, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle [TI’s Wifey], Jamie Lynn AND Brittney Spears amongst several other expecting mothers. Now, my first question is: What nut case decided to elope with Brittany Spears, but I had to realize who wouldn’t be silly enough to father Brittany’s baby when she’s obviously both rich and unstable. I don’t know world, but that should be a very interesting situation to critique considering Brittany doesn’t have custody for neither one of her children now. Speaking of Brittany, what’s going on with the side of her mouth? I don’t know about ya’ll but I saw an up-close shot of that – which looks like Herpes – and I was just curious to know if anybody saw that or not? Hey! Breaking news… New York (aka Tiffany Patterson) is also pregnant but the baby father is UNKNOWN – is that surprising? New York was undergoing the typical screenings for her hit reality show I Love New York 3 when discovered that she was pregnant. I wonder if Tailor Made is her baby daddy since he recently admitted that he was the ONLY PERSON on the show who actually had s*x with her… I don’t know but that’s just gross.

Wipe Your Baby’s Booty!

Although this is yet another year that singer/song writer R. Kelly has not been convicted of his child pornography charges, he’s still the butt of all jokes as he recently missed court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. A spokesperson for Kellz simply stated he missed it because his tour bus was pulled over by the police. However, if this was true then why wasn’t he arrested for missing his court date? In case you haven’t noticed that I didn’t say his publicist released a statement, R. Kelly’s long term publicist (and her husband – who’ve been friends with Kellz) for 14 years has thrown the deuces to Kellz after he was caught sleeping with her daughter. Although the girl is 19 years old now, the disgusting part of this is that she was 4 when they met. Now, I know I’m wrong for assuming this but if Kellz has a problem with touching young kids, why does he still have custody of his children? If he can sleep with this chick after he’s watched her grow up for 14 years, then who’s to say that he’s not sleeping or touching his kids? Hey! That’s just a thought because obviously this man is sick!

Now, that’s a good baby!

Singer/Songwriter/Actress Ms. Alicia Keys has proven everybody wrong with her third studio LP As I am by releasing two number one hit singles for the fifth week in a row.

Poor Baby!

As if Kelly Rowland hasn’t already had a hard time in the states pushing her sophomore album, Ms. Kelly, she was recently even kicked off of The Clash of the Choirs on NBC the first night! First she was crying because a promoter reduced her concert tickets to fifty cents and she still couldn’t sell out and now she can’t even last two nights on TV. Now, I had the TV on but didn’t really see what they came up with but I do know that this show is slightly skewed because you have Patti LaBelle competing against a bunch of youngins that have no clue what longevity is even if they ran into it on the damn street. Speaking of non-selling singers, Ruben Studdard was dropped from J. Records for piss pour record sells on his 3rd album as he only pushed over 233,000 copies! Curren$y finally left Young Money after realizing after FOUR YEARS his career was going nowhere with Weezy F. Baby. Same thing happened to KeKe Wyatt after two years. Just because yo’ boss is rich, don’t mean you will be too; Lil Wayne ain’t even learned this lesson for himself after being sued by a Miami jeweler for not paying his own damn bill. Karrine Steffans does not have a record deal, thank God! Besides, what would she rap about? Getting and giving head is kind of faded now but then again if she would do a complementary DVD she would have the best selling album and p**n of all time which guarantees her some revenue because 4/5 people who’ve read this last book are asking for their money back.


As if we care, Remy Ma’s request to travel was rejected by a New York judge. Apparently she’s hurting for cash because her lawyer fault tooth and nail for her to get the opportunity to travel overseas for a five day tour and the judge said “HELL TO THE NO”. And get this: the tour would have only given her $40,000. Remy Ma is also denying the lesbian allegations as well. If you ask me, I think they’re true, she’s oversaturated with masculinity (lol) but you didn’t ask me now did you? Ha! Change Your Baby’s Diaper! I’m not sure how many of you all are familiar with who Sandra Rose is but I recently saw her at an event and she definitely confirmed what I thought: she looks not exactly a pretty girl (if you know what I mean). I guess she got tired of everybody calling her a hater and blocked off her website to only “invited” readers but hey! It’s only so many times you can pick on everybody by picking out every little flaw they have before someone starts to call you a hater. I used to be a fan of hers truthfully and respectively until I realized she rarely had anything positive to say. I almost want to say that she and Ms. Jones would be BEST friends. They seem to have the same issues in life.

Baby Bye! Is it just me or does Mary J. Blige, Beyoncè, and Lil’ Wayne need to all take a vacation for at least a year or two because we’re being oversaturated with their longevity in the game. Now that my homie TI is bored on house arrest, I understand that he’s trying to keep himself busy and all with all these mix tapes and stuff, but why not just go outside to the pool and enjoy your vacation time boo. Now, don’t get me wrong: I LOVE SOME TI but some of the music I’ve heard has just been too concentrated. Why can’t these folks pull a Prince; do one album every seven years. We’d still love you, boo. Damn! Speaking of needing a break, although I like “Fly like me” by Chingy, does anyone else feels like he just needs to GIVE IT UP all together? And DMX has stayed too long on vacation because I’m not sure how I feel about him recording another album. Is that even news?Rev. Run’s son JoJo getting a record deal… FOR WHAT? We all know that’s happening on his father’s recognition.

YOU CANT CRY OVER SPOILED MILK! Although I’m not a fan of celebrity gossip, (lol) word on the streets is that Dr. Jan Adams is the doctor responsible for messing up both Lil’ Kim and Vivica A. Fox’s faces (lmao). How about we gain some self-esteem and quit wasting money on plastic surgery and then we wouldn’t be crying about foolishness like this!

Aiight ya'll and that's a wrap up of what's going on in Hollywood and Bollywood.

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