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Posted on December 5, 2008
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Since November 1997, I have been a huge fan of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. However for the first time in this eleven year streak of Beyoncé, I am very disappointed with this album I am Sasha Fierce.

Initially when the first singles began to leak via internet, I was excited about this project. With very commercial songs such as If I were a Boy and Single Ladies, I was bamboozled into believing that this would be the better one of the collection of Beyoncé’s albums. I thought that this album would be a woman’s collector’s item. However, with this album being full of cross over tracks (such as If I were a Boy), I was left with wondering where was the real Beyoncé? This album seems more rushed and put together than the B’Day album; which I love to no end.

Although Beyoncé is known for trying to go above and beyond each time, I unfortunately was unimpressed. With songs such as Halo and Satelite I find myself wondering what the hell is she yelling about? I’m often confused if she’s saying halo or hello. With songs such as Diva, Ego, and Video Phone, it seems as if Beyoncé is simply trying too hard to find a balance between the pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop star that has been created throughout the years. This album is definitely too commercial and the crossover tactic did not work. It was very unnecessary; considering Beyoncé has been a cross over artist for some time.

If I could rate this album based on five stars, I wouldn’t even give it half a star. Out of all the material listed, only three songs on the entire album are popping: Diva, Single Ladies, and If I were a Boy. It seems as if all of the better songs that leaked to the internet were the better half of the album that was conviently dropped off to trick you into buying this mess. The album is seriously disappointing leaving long time fans demanding a refund for the album I am Garbage.

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