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Posted on August 4, 2008
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Contrary to popular belief, (I.E. Jermaine Dupri‘s comments about the DJs being dead), the DJs are reuniting and celebrating together their success. Coming up Aug. 22-25, Atlanta will be rocking full of some of the best DJs to ever touch Hip-Hop. This year, the men will be celebrating their fifth year of making major moves within the music business.
“To celebrate, myself, Greg Street and DJ Bigga Rankin are bringing it all back to where it all started and where the Hittmenn DJs are headquartered. We are at a climax, marking the fifth year of grinding hard and so we decided instead of taking it out of the country let's take it back to ATL,” says the aggressive business mogul and president DJ Kaspa The Don. In the past, (more like five years ago) the reunion has showcased artist such as Young Jeezy. This year, the reunion will highlight the entire Grand Hustle family which includes, T.I.


But before you get to the Hittmenn DJs reunion, let's not forget that this weekend it is going DOWN in Houston, Texas. This is the third annual Ozone Awards/TJs DJs conference this weekend and it is scheduled to be off the damn chain! I've been getting emails about THIS event since got damn last year damn near so I know that TJ Chapman (owner of TJs DJs) & Julia ‘JB' Beverly (owner of Ozone Magazine) have worked really hard to get this years show together. I just hope and pray that there is no violence this year! As usual, everyone who is somebody is supposed to be there including my new long lost boo Young Jeezy. For more information on this visit the official OzoneMagazine.com website.
Speaking of Rick Ross, he is still denying the allegations that he has completely forged his entire ‘life' that we've all been buying. In a recent interview with Don Diva magazine, Rick Ross issues yet another statement. He says, “When I’m making my music and talking about blow, it’s because I did it,” Rick Ross maintains. “When I say I’m rich off cocaine it’s because I did it. I never tried to hide my past! I put my name inside of all my CDs. My company has my SS #. I could’ve put a company name.” ** Remember, I told you here first that this was a pre-planned stunt pulled by Miami's own Trick Daddy. Mind you, Trick has a tendacy of turning his back on his artist (i.e. Plies). However, he went on to say “I just talked to Plies two weeks ago and we fixin’ that Trick Daddy and Plies thing. That’s small. We all street n***as that got 30 killers behind us and we all rich and we all wild. I love Trick, cause he the one that brought me in the game.”


Lord knows, I fight for people to respect Khia.
We have mutual friends… I've interviewed her before and even got a deeper glimpse into who she was respecting her even more. As we all know, on July 22, Khia released her highly anticipated album Nasti Muzik 08 (which many didn't really give a s**t about). Since then, it's been a little rumor flying around the internet saying that she is short of going platinum. Khia even posted this in her highly referenced MySpace blog. However, when I received last week's soundscan, I did not come across Khia's name. I thought that there was some mistake. Nonetheless, it has was learned that this was indeed a lie. Khia only sold 1,400 copies her first week according to AllHipHop.com's Illseed. Keep in mind, I had the opportunity of speaking with Khia a few months ago and I really enjoyed what she had to say. Although Khia parades around the United States demanding that other people acknowledge her and enforce the fact that the ‘hood' knows about her, the real question is: why didn't they go out to support her? Don't get me wrong, I was one of the 1,400 who did. But I think that finally Khia's negative attitude and snapping on radio personalities on air has definitely caught up with her; even though she claims that's a publicity stunt.
If you're interested in seeing what she and I discussed then you should go to: http://gritsandeggs.com/online/?p=544 to read that interview.
Jacki O

Jacki O

Now, I don't know how true this is, but there is a word on the street that Florida rapper Jacki-O is sexing for advancement funds. Mind you, the industry is really tough right now to be in, especially for independent artist that are struggling to finance their careers. Women in the music business have to use ‘what they've got to get what they want' all the time. Like I said, I'm not sure if this is true or not but since she and I have mutual friends, I can definitely investigate this one. I just hope she's not that type of chick but hey, sometimes YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.


In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Swiss Beat's ex-wife and one hit wonder Mashonda spoke out about the rumors circulating their recent divorce. When it comes to the whole Alicia Keys & Swiss Beats relationship, this is what she had to say:

How about now? There were some rumors regarding [Alicia Keys’ fiancée´] Krucial Keys.

The media turned this whole Krucial Keys thing into some ridiculousness. Went out to D-Nices’ birthday party – a very good and mutual friend of both Swizz and I – to have a good time and promote the album. I get caught up in all the unnecessary s**t for no reason. I don’t even want to make a big deal about it because I’m not worried. Everything I’m going through in my personal life is not for publicity. People don’t risk their marriage, personal beliefs and children for bullshit publicity. I want to dead the assumptions, fake media rumors, and All the Krucial rumors – it’s crazy.

When I say Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz how do you feel?

No comment.


No comment says a lot, right? Yeah, no comment says a whole lot.

So you and Swizz were married, had a son, when did you find out it was a wrap?

For legal issues I can’t discuss, but eventually I will. I just want people to understand that in January 2008 at my birthday party, in my eyes my husband and I seemed perfectly happy. Hip-Hop Weekly did an exclusive, and things were fine. Whatever happened after that, I wasn’t aware. I didn’t know about anything, it was a rude awakening. I feel like I gave too much already, but just know I am in no way shape or form using what is going on to push my music. The media is creating a scandal, and I’m creating music, it’s not apart of each other.

Understood. What are you doing for your career so you’re not labeled just Swizz Beatz ex-wife?

There is no ex-wife situation yet, we’re not even legally separated yet. We are still in the beginning stages.

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