Lil’Wayne trying to get p___ off of, Drew identified, Lil’Kim appears, and others

Posted on June 3, 2008

Lil Wayne

Now, I'm a big fan of Lil' Wayne‘s, I really am. I feel like the man is my little brother but this morning, I was doing my job, searching for gossip to give the kiddies and this is what I came across. Mind you, I am not saying that the man did it BUT when you put two and two together, it all makes sense. Today, Illseed from submitted a post from a loyal reader of his column saying this:

“What's up I read your site everyday and I think that I have some information that's allhiphop worthy. Okay, so I am interested in modeling and doing videos and stuff right. Well i came across an add posted on craigslist stating that Hot rapper was having a casting call in Baltimore, MD. So I submitted my photos to see if i'd be chosen b/c living Maryland opportunities don't always come like this. Well I was apparently chosen and received a call from a man name Dave or David who said he worked with “A Popular Video Model Agency.” Dave and I conversed for like an hour about the video shoot (he was trying to convince me). He told me that there would be a lot of weed smoking, coke snorting, drinking, butt naked girls and s*x on the set of the shoot because that's how Hot rapper and his crew get down. Then Dave proceeded to tell me that all of the women at the shoot was down for having s*x with Hot rapper's and/or his crew. He asked me if I would be down with “f***ing” to keep a spot on the video and if I drank or smoked. He told me that the men on the set would treat me like a hoe so I should act like one. I told him that I didn't feel as though I should have to f**k someone just to get in a video. He told me that women do it all the time and how do i think the Melyssa Fords, Buffie's and Angel Lola's got put on. [Editor’s note: this is NOT the way understands the previously mentioned models attained success.] I told him that I was not a roller and I don't get down like that. He proceeded to do a scenario with me asking me what I would do if a seven foot man came up to me or if he came up to me (since he would be on the set) and said he wanted to see me after the shoot for some action. I told him I don't get down like that. He then said that he thought it was odd that all the other models they chose were down for whatever and I wasn't and since I seem like I'm not down (a hoe), he no longer thought I was a fit. I said I agree and hung up. I was completely shocked b/c it's as though Hot rapper's is recruiting p***y via the Internet now. That's a damn shame. Guess that's why he think's he's hot. Lame.”

Now, Lil'Wayne was in DC for the past couple of days. In fact his whole squad of goons was in DC. And if you think about it, refer back to the original email where the guy ‘Dave' was requesting for the girl to snort coke, and other drugs. Ya'll think about it and you be the judge….


They say never get a tattoo that is in obvious places that can identify you. I guess Drew from College Hill didn't think about that when he participated in gay activities. Even though he's been calling into radio stations throughout Atlanta, the picture speaks for itself. Check out the tattoos! It looks like Drew to me…. but then again, who am I???


It's official, Shakir Stewart is set to take Jay-Z'splace when he leaves Def Jam. The Morehouse graduate has worked diligently for LaFace since 200 and was highly recommended by L.A. Reid. That's a good look, congrads…

Yesterday, Lil Kim was out and about looking like she couldn't feel her face. I don't care what nobody says, money has destroyed Lil' Kim's. She was such a beautiful girl before she began to work on her face (see the picture below). Although Kim's fashion sense has went up three notches, she looks like she and Joan Rivers should be sitting side by side on that Gieco commerical talking about, “Am I smiling? I can't feel my face!”

Lil Kim

If I look at the first picture really fast, it looks like Kim and Michael Jackson have both gone to the same plastic surgents.

Lil Kim

Danity Kane is gracing the pages of In Touch Magazine looking completely out of touch. I know the economy is bad but got damn, did Diddycompletely cut the budget for their looks? All I'm saying is, the girls look a mess, where are their squad to fix their hair, where is their makeup, and who picked out these Target swimsuits for them to wear? I know that their tour ticket sales have been in the dumbs but DAMN! I know that Diddy gotta know somebody to call for the girls… they look like they have been … rejected.

My homie, Rick Rosswas out and about yesterday as well looking like he ate some bad food and had a bad case of gas. I know for ya'll that's a little TMI but just look at his face. Lol. I'm sorry, I saw too much S*x and the City this past weekend.

Rick Ross

Ashanti‘salbum drops today, (as if you may care). She has also launched this new campagin entitled, Ashanti says, “One of the reasons I call the album ‘The Declaration,’ is because I feel it’s important to present all sides of what being a woman is about,” she says. “Historically, we’ve always been relegated to the bottom of the totem pole, whether it’s business or the battle of the sexes or just empowering each other. I want this album to make people feel stronger about themselves. I’ve always used the ups and downs in my own life as well as others close to me as a motivational tool and I hope my music comes off that way. I felt a lot of passion making this record. I loved every minute I was in the studio.”

I hope her record sales reflect her sudden streak of being out and about to promote her album!

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