coKane – Hold Up (ft Junior Reign)

Posted on January 21, 2013

(coKane Verse)

ok now i like rockin polo
choclate b***h rolo
n****s screamin yolo
b*****s sayin hello
n****s blow that la la, carmello
for all you rap fellows
im on the top you bellow
got more guns than halo
spanish b***h j lo
a hundred of my dogs, curella
gettin to the bread nutella
gettin to the money
when ever
where ever
how ever
it always comes back like a teather
murder em all
huge or small
when im wantin some head yo b***h i will call
im the s**t you a stall
i like that girl body
add another O thats boody
steven speilberg crib, we gone make a movie
staring a couple bad groupies
they my b***h snoopie
hahaha yea
im the best verbatium
cause i make magic on the mic
n****s call me channing tatum

(Junior Reign Verse)

they say hold up
as my bemer drove up
these hoes tryin to eat me like my meat be
fruit roll up
but i think i told ya
i dont knock these hoes up
all about my paper you can go and get your ???? up
now she ?????
cause she wanted that body to body
but nobody aint wanted the molly
now she jumpin all on to the trolly
aint that sad man
she was gone off that patrone
aint you mad man?
got her cussin on the phone
i am the throne
leave me alone
tryin to turn all of my records to chrome
oops i mean platnium
haters i have em
when they alone i come through and attack em
no they dont want it
swear that im on it
and the beast the creature of the mome
now what im on
i am not clear
but my name as long as you here
ill be here
pull up a chair
junior reign is all in your ear
rapper the year
man i swear
i am the rear
end your career
till i die its middle finger to a beer
my body will be gone but my music will never disepear

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