Lil Wayne – Two Shots Lyrics

Posted on August 29, 2011

2 shots of whatever
2 shots of whatever
It’s like tug-of-war, tryna pull myself together
I could probably do better, but probably’s like never
I’m a pimp under pressure, leave my money on the dresser

[Verse 1]
Goons in this b***h, leave a n***a on a stretcher
It’s all there, papa, you ain’t even got to measure
Laughing at how all my old b*****s look jealous
Well what goes around comes around: propellers
Money over b*****s – mob, goodfellas
Cut her ears off, ain’t s**t she could tell us
Write your name on the bullet, that’s a f-ckin love letter
If I ain’t a trending topic, I’m a f-cking trend-setter


[Verse 2]
If you’re scared, go to church, Mason Betha
Sometimes the paper chase could be like chasing a leopard
The p***y wetter, wetter than it’s ever been
But she gone probably try to cross the line like a Mexican
I ain’t on that bullshit, shawty fine as f-ck though
Now she kiss me on my neck, I hope she ain’t cutthroat
Cut down on the syrup cause it made me f-ck slow
Shoot so many times Imma choke off the gunsmoke
Life, death, love, hate, pleasure, pain
Pay me no mind but I don’t have change
I cock back and aim at your membrane
Broad day, no mask, close range, pop pop.

[Hook 2]
You can get 2 shots from wherever
You can get 2 shots from whoever
It be like a puzzle tryna put you back together
I should probably do better but probably, whatever…

[Verse 3]
Your bullshit is stinking up the place
Me no tick
Can’t let these b***h n****s slide and touch base
I make her cum so many times, call her nutcase
It’s young money baby, take your clothes off
Give me them three holes: bowling ball
2 shots of whatever
Keep them b*****s coming and she can get whatever


2 shots of whatever
2 shots of whatever

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