Real Ish – Lyrics

Posted on January 21, 2013

(cokane verse)

repeat what i say like a mother fuckin parrot
way to much money i promise to share it
this aint horse play but a n***a love carrots
i swear everything aint what it seems
b***h named mackensie she stay in my jeans
matter im pretty sure she just turned 11
she not in her teens
but what did i say before its not what it seems
i got a mac 11 stuffed in my jeans
so we got 9's like romo
finger prints for the promo
we got glocks instead of clocks
cuz we g's and your time is up
we got riffles and shotguns
sit back and watch a skinny n***a pop one
it will frikin
leave you leakin
no longer speakin
now dont make me cock it on you chickens
get it
why do i do this and do this
till your career diseapear
greatly influence the children and stundents
until your career disepear
murder and murder
and criminal criminal
tied up your n****s
while pullin these triggas
and making 6 figgas
till your career disepear
hollow flow n***a
our time is near
my b***h is snow white
that p***y is so tight
give you n****s the poisin apple cause we got them macs right?

(Drago Verse)

F**k everything you stand for
we bout them ???????? that theirs a standoff
take his man off
ill get your grams off
just to get my mother fuckin grams off
that 19 hits like a steam engine boss
head shots
guess his train of thought got lost
you never walked the streets with ghost talkers when the suns missin
dead n****s speakin in tounges until the lord gets em
i want you to die slow in the eyes of muhammed
blood mixes with his vomit
whats that called, poisin omlets
you a f**k n***a
get ???????????? n***a
that heat will turn you into pig skin
get trucked n***a
buck n***a
shoot you in your celtic fitted till you loose a clover
thats just bad luck n***a
this is nothing new to me
i had people shoot at me
just because they team members would see me in the streets
and they would salute at me
me and my cousin([email protected]) done been through that
you think you had a rough back in your day
come circle around the hood
cause we could show you where them shooters lay
dont ever cross my path
f**k the vest
hit your chest
for the points
lazer tag

(Mayhem Verse)

Look its Mayhem with that batman
we work for it like that trapman
yellow diamonds call me that pacman
ill hit you from behind with that 5, backhand
ill bag em up jansport no straps man
god king Drago blessed me with his right hand
no mercy with these gats
i do damage and this time it aint [email protected]'s
we married the game like we laid out the mat's
were cookin up the p***y but we aint in F.A.C.S.
Hollow Flow is the best
we continue to keep buryin em to rest
how you gona f**k with us when you cant even contest
so cop this track to invest
for we are the best in the lands of our crest
arms crossed against my chest
we keep that p***y wet like its hydro
we coming for the game so keep your heads up and your eyes low

([email protected] Verse

im from the home of the red sea
place where the led flies
no one can test me
cuz boy ill make your head fly
i was ??????
they probally didnt know that i was a potential
wife beater
cause ill go to your wifes crib
eat her p***y and let my d**k beat her
im so mike tyson on the beat
and ill right hook your a*s
mcknicken street
?????? grand a*s feast, beast
death from arrogance
my n****s like mortal combat
n****s wanna act tough but aint ready for any combat
i ?????? where the stove at
the block ????????
i spilled lasaugna
on the floor mat
so where your moms at
im a ace of greatnesss
no idea where im gona take this
cause this rap, is like a ???????
n***a you could end up with that
?????? flow
my n****s, stack dough
put your b***h head to the floor
her a*s up, afro

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