Sip Tha Kid: Issues

Posted on January 6, 2013

Verse 1: “Live it up, all I’m thinking is bucks, would have more friends but it’s so hard to trust. I’m only down for me and this New World team, hoes flocking around wanna know what it mean, I tell her pay attention, baby girl just listen. Realness to a t, I ain’t thinking bout Lipton. I’m finna get me a Benz, spend some bread with my kin and then let my hair blow in the wind, but that’s the hard part. N****s don’t wanna see you live, my whole life I been trying to stay on some better s**t, you work hard hell you can be the president, they wonder how I kill these n****s with no evidence. Making that money fast, that’s how you hurt they a*s, they gon be sick when you pull up in that new Jag, and tell them you ain’t got nuthin on these and you can get it too if you grind like this. Chorus: They say I got issues, but they don’t really know what I been through. They say that I’m insane, they wanna know what’s thinking in my brain, man I’m just me X2. Verse 2: Man they swear it’s something wrong with my mind frame, would you rather me rap I could iron slang, but they don’t wanna see a n***a do well, they rather see a n***a down bad taking a L. Pops used to be in Chi-Town taking a L, then he moved to the Sip where it’s country as hell, but that’s me, that’s what made a n***a, having nothing put that drive in my belly n***a. In that water man they don’t wanna see you float, so I dream high and let my nuts hang low, I feel like it ain’t nowhere that I can’t go, I’ll find a pot of gold show me the rainbow. So you don’t know, that we making major moves, we ain’t sitting on our a*s like the rest of ya’ll dude, and I can’t really lie man this is what I do, spit real behind the mic I ain’t got s**t to prove. Chorus X2. Verse 3: They say the more money, the more problems, f**k it deal with the problems. It’s too many n****s in my city still starving, and I ain’t finna be one of them n****s, I got to hustle hard I gotta stack figures. Cause you can shoot a gun don’t make you no realer, cause you shoot outta fear don’t make you no killer, sell one ounce and he swear he a drug dealer, these rappers screaming bricks don’t mean you can sell them n****s. Get to the point where it ain’t no more real n****s, you dudes lie to yourself man I can’t deal with ya, cause I be on some other s**t, see a different picture, besides myself feel it ain’t nobody realer. I’m trying to get more money and more money, I’m trying to make a hundred million dollars no money, See Sip gon hustle to his pockets real lumpy, New World is the fam I don’t put s**t in front it. Chorus X2.

About: <br /> Jonathan Harris also known as Sip Tha Kid (Born December 6th 1993) is an American rapper, songwriter, more about: Sip Tha Kid
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