Cassidy – Dopest Out

Posted on June 9, 2013
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Dopest Out

Really Cas?

Do you really want to become that guy Cas, that keeps dropping diss records that no one responds to? Come on now, you had a sub par diss going at Meek that people over hyped but after the smoke cleared, people took a closer look and saw that Meek was the winner.

The top goon of Philly already said that Cassidy is a rapper and can't see Meek on a street level, so quit rapping all that tough talk.

On the music side Cas can't see Meek, I don't even remember the Cassidy track, Meek got on some street ish stating facts that AR Ab caught a body for Cassidy while he was hiding in the house. Then Ar Ab confirmed it, that alone pulled Cassidy's card, everything else is irrelevant after that.

Cassidy should know that there's Levels to this s**t young boy.

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