Omillio Sparks’ album stopped by Jay-Z??

Posted on March 21, 2007
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Rumor around town is that President Carter has been throwing some red tape around former Rocafella Records artist Omillio Sparks' and his new independent label, Clossal Entertainment. Besides stopping Omillio's progression, Mr. Jigga Man is also slowing the progress of close friends and Def Jam artists Peedi Peedi and Freeway. The Philadelphia hip hop artists are featured in two songs on the “Payback” album, in which one of the songs reminisces on the times at the original Roc-A-Fella records, before Jay Z became “90210 Hov” according to Sparks.

Sources say that Jay-Z is not only holding up the progress of Omillio Sparks, but is also limiting the progression of music projects within the Def Jam building, due to his rumored forthcoming jump to Warner Brothers Music Group later this year. Really close sources have said that “Jay is only biding his time at Def Jam, and his artists have some very choice words for him.”

After trying to remain silent for sometime and not wanting to join the growing list of Jay-Z dissers, Omillio has finally been pushed to the limit and had this to say. “Jay has left me no choice but to tell the truth about what’s going on. I hear him boast about going to Africa and helping people out in crisis over there, and he has no idea w hat he’s doing to artists’ careers and their livelihoods here in [email protected] America, he’s deliberately doing things that make the streets question h is credibility and his worthiness. I hate to say it but the boi has become the king of false hope. He has n****s on his label now, running around being soldiers for him. Look at that n***a Tru Life, he’s making diss records and defending Hov’s honor as a true friend would do, Hov won’t do the same for that man though…he’ll see.”

Damn J, it's like that?

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