Peedi Crakk vs Yung Joc (Yung Joc Replies)

Posted on June 5, 2007
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In case you didn't hear about it about three weeks ago there was a video of a interview done with Peedi Crakk of Roc-a-fella records and State Property, where he was talking crazy about a couple rap artists which include Jim Jones, Papoose and Young Joc. For some reason the video has disapeared from the internet but this is what he said in the interview.

They are working it and they doing it independently. Them ni**as don't wait on the label to do nothing. Them ni**as been through it all. Do you know how hard it's been for down South to get into the game? That's why I ain't mad at them. They deserve this time, they deserve the shine, let them air it out.

“I always liked Trick Daddy and ni**as like that. I like South ni**as. I ain't gon' say down South is corny, just the mainstream ni**as,” he continued, “the ones that try to make them radio joints. Like f**king Yung Joc, he's wack as sh*t! Jibbs, that ni**a wack. Jibbs is horrible”

“So what? He's wack!” stressed Peedi. “He could be nine, that ni**a wack. You know who else is corny for the record? Papoose is horrible, I don't give a f**k what anybody talk about. Papoose is trash.”

“Pap, you garbage,” Peedi added, pointing to the camera. “Ain't no disrespect to you dog but it's business. Shout out to Kay Slay, I know he's your old head. I f**k with Kay Slay. They be beefing this ni**a like he's that ni**a. That ni**a is horrible, my son rap better than you. ”

“My son's five years old , he'll murk you” he continued. “I don't know why Jadakiss did a song with that ni**a , Kiss you trippin'”

“Jim can't rap but he's one helluva business man,” said Peedi. “Jim used to rap better back in the day. I heard some old s**t back when Jim was with Cam'ron and Cam was fat as s**t. Jim was murking that s**t . Now he don't be murking that s**t, he be making some whatever s**t. He making that cake so I ain't mad at him. Helluva business man, straight up”.

Yung Joc was on the Cipha Sounds Effect (Shade 45 Sirius satellite radio) this moring where and he addressed the comments Peedi Crakk made towards him being whack.

Props To Cipha Sounds.

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