News Flash: Real “Hip Hop” is Not Real

Posted on August 4, 2013
Real Hip Hop is The Way I Feel

Hate to burst bubbles out there, but guess what? There's no such thing as “Real Hip Hop.” The fact you say “Real Hip Hop” means you've completely missed the point of what Hip Hop really is.

People who you hear scream that's not real Hip Hop are going to be the ones in their 40's and 50's talking about the good old days and how much better their music was. While the youngsters coming up who could give a s**t about your past generation, are going to hear that and will be thinking….Shut up old timer, your time has passed.

It's a endless cycle that doesn't just happen in Hip Hop.

Real Rock, real Punk, Real metal (Really? Real Metal? How much more real do you want Metal to be?….I digress) – Yes there's a fuckry debate to be had in every genre and it's all BS.

As a Jamaican also hear this said about Reggae and Dancehall all the time.

“Hey Chozen why you running some Hip Hop site, you should start something for your people and start promoting this real Reggae and Dancehall music”

Sorry can't help you, I don't know what that is.

The problem now though is that there's a lot of young cats talking about real Hip Hop, and that we should be going back to the 90's.

I'm like dude, it's 2013 and your 20 years old, which means you were 7 in the 90's…You don't know anything about the 90's.

Stop being a poser, just because you heard some other douche-bag say it and it sounded half way profound you figured you'd be a follower.

This post is about 3 sentences away from being a rant so I'll end it with this last bit.

Real Hip Hop is not real, whatever you think is real Hip Hop, is just a category.

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