Rick Ross Wants To Battle Eminem

via MTV News:

While in his hometown yesterday, he elaborated on a comment he made to DJ Envy last week in New York during an interview on Envy’s satellite radio show. Ross said he was done with 50 Cent and may turn his focus to Eminem.

Speaking to MTV News, Ricky explained whether he meant competing with Slim Shady in rhyme battles or just making hit records.

“I mean, I’m a fan of Eminem,” he said. “I’m a fan first and foremost. But after defeating Curly, my confidence is at an all-time high. Maybe before I wouldn’t have challenged him, but I’m contemplating it now. The game is commending me for my victory. That’s all I wanted to do was … punish the opposition. I think I’ve done a great job and I’m gonna continue to do that.”

“I think he’s a bigger and better artist than what Curly is,” Ross said. “So if I was looking to fulfill that excitement or that rush, that’s who I have to address.”

Maybe instead of a few rounds of Rick Ross versus Eminem, we may see a Rick Ross and Eminem collaboration — the Bawse also says he wants to guest star on Em’s upcoming Relapse LP.

“I’m trying to be a part of that,” Ross said. “It’s either way. We gonna see each other one way or another.”

Good luck with that Ricky…..And why does it take a half hour for Ross to get his thoughts together and answer a question? lol.

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