Sean Kingston – “Letting Go” Original Video (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Barbee)

Posted on August 6, 2010
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It’s rumored that there was some issues on the set of  Sean Kingston’s Letting Go video shoot. Apparently Nicki Minaj didn’t want to share the spotlight with reggae artist Barbee who was announced throughout Jamaica to be appearing in the video, but as you can see she’s no where to be found in the final video. Not sure if Nicki Minaj was the reason for her being removed but clearly something happened, and how can Nicki Minaj have someone removed from a Sean Kingston video? Below is the message I received with the original video that explains things more.

So Nicki Minaj “Barbie” has been so set on her image and recently she had what seems like a jealous streak.
She just did a song with Sean Kingson called “Letting Go”. The leading lady in the video is Reggae Princess Barbee who I love!! And she was advertised all over Jamaica about her debut in this video. But now Nicki Minaj with her fake a*s (literally) decided she didnt want another “Barbie” on her turf and had her cut out of the whole video. I have both videos for you to watch and if you look at the released video you can see how choppy it is from having to delete Barbee from all the scenes ( Barbee is dressed in the black sexy outfit). I feel like Nicki needs to be put on blast about what she did to poor Barbee – who by the way is an amazing artist she has a song out with Trina, she stared in a movie with The Game and is pretty predominate in Jamaica and Canada.
Please put her on blast ! As a huge fan of Barbee I am so upset with Nicki!!!!!!!!!

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