Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on Late Night

Posted on April 25, 2012
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President Barack Obama stops by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to slow jam the news alongside The Roots, this joint had me rollin.

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    Just because he doesn't like Obama doesn't mean he's racist. It wasn't racist when black people hated Bush. Have some sense. You're embarrassing yourself.

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    hanksteins a useless shitstain on the underware of

    dude shutup your goddamn rants i bet your white call me racist if you want i dont care but hank suck a dick you fucking supremisist white trash! if youd kindly look to your left theres a door,use it and get the fuck out you fucking cunt :reallypissed: :pissedoff:


    Is this a joke? Obama is actually wasting time and energy into commenting on a piece of trash hip hop artist..what a disgrace to USA. We have soldiers DYING in foreign countries for USA, we have Americas out of work, we have American with disabilities struggling to find support, we have homeless vets on our streets, we have foster kids who have no family, we have nursing homes abusing elderly folks, we have kids who aren’t learning at underfunded schools, we have crime waves sweeping America, we have fathers and mothers who can’t find jobs, we have families losing their homes and jobs, we have hospitals shutting down because of illegal immigrants not paying bills, we have millions of Americans who don’t have adequate dental care, we have teens who can’t find jobs after high school, we have teachers, police and fire fighters who aren’t getting paid enough, yet Obama is just living it up having a grand old time using our tax dollars to fly his family around the world and go on safaris, etc…and he’s drinking beer and watching basketball and playing golf, shoot this guy is unreal, he is more outta touch than any President this USA has EVER seen. Oh, but he’s half black, half white, so we need a change in COLOR so wow let’s all disassociate from reality and pretend this is all so wunderful…..wee, smoke another dubie….and by the way Obama is a closet gay..and his pops was a Muslim and weeeeeeeeee, it’s a wunderful day in the neighborhood….weee……Oh and the PIZZA guy who hugs President Obama…this shows how little respect this President has. Nobody would DARE bear hug a President of the USA if they weren’t such a disrespected and joke of a President. He’s more of a celeb than a man in charge or command. Where was the secret service when he was being bear hugged? Oh, they were probably in a ROOM with HOOKERS, negotiating the PRICE. I say HILLARY Clinton for President. Obama wouldn’t last two days in a war zone. Hillary would. She's tough. He’s a soft man who tries to be tough talking and it’s just so obvious he’s so unqualified to run this country. He was elected by Hollywood and those who worship Hollywood. How sad. Obama needs to go. He's not doing jack for USA. He's just using his position to get free housing, free transportation, free schooling for his kids, free travel expenses for his family, free dental and medical care, free food, free utilities, etc....