Styles P Believes Hip Hop Should Be About Beef Not Kindness

Posted on May 28, 2013

Famed The Lox rapper Styles P opens up about current hip-hop beef, revealing that being competitive is a part of the game, not friendliness. Styles P also talks about online beef, 50 Cent beef, Beanie Sigel beef, and more.

I half way agree with the Ghost on this.

Hip Hop since it's birth has always gone through a cycle, a time for peace and a time for war; round and round it goes.

But there's a time when it gets out of hand, like with Big and Pac which went all the way left. After they died people calmed down again and started kicking that conscious Hip Hop for a while, then came the 2000's.

We were blessed with the Nas vs Jay-Z beef, a rivalry that sparked a global division, not just in NY but in Hip Hop in general, shoot even the radio stations were taking sides. It blew breath back into Nas' career and for the first time, we saw Jay on the ropes, it was without a doubt the one of the greatest Rap beefs.

The great thing about that beef is that it was all about rap lyrics, and even though they had history and it was very personal, it was never violent. That's beefing at it's best.

Then came 50 Cent vs Ja Rule, a beef that ended ones career and made the other a super star and very wealthy, this beef had some violence but for the most part it was the music that really drove this rivalry and made it significant.

We had never seen anything like 50 Cent (probably never will again) before, he shifted the culture back into full on beef mode, everyone was in a battle, Styles P himself along with the rest of D Block was beefing for years with 50 Cent and G-Unit, it gave us a lot of great music and D-Block benefited. You can say that was the beginning and end of gangster rap as we once knew it.

That time too was a good as well, but then it became corny because, cats started beefing just to get a name, which is fine if you do it well but that wasn't the case and it became so saturated because the music wasn't good.

Fast forward to now, it's all messed up.

People stopped beefing, then everyone started on the “Can't We All Just Get Along” campaign, which was OK at first but then you start seeing the same group of people (usual suspects) on every song, holding hands on some “choir boys singing cumbaya” type s**t, it was lame; that's the down side of peace time in Hip Hop.

Now there's a healthy balance that's starting to emerge in Hip Hop, the crews are back, lyricism is back and cats are starting grow some balls and attempting to go after the crown.

So far it's still just subliminals for the most part, but I do see something epic on the horizon.

In conclusion, we can't have to much of either we need a healthy balance.

Right now, we need some beef. This generation has no champions.


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