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Artist: Cassidy
Song: Catch A Body (Meek Mill Diss)
Cassidy fire back at Meek Mill in response to Kendrick Your Next, this one isn't bad but it's nothing crazy. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Control (Freestyle)
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Dopest Out
Really Cas? Do you really want to become that guy Cas, that keeps dropping diss records that no one responds to? Come on now, you had a sub par diss ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Another One I Like
Producer: Jahlil Beats
Since he's had some new breath blown back into his career after styling on the much more relevant Meek Mill, Cassidy returns with a brand new single called “Another One I Like.”  The track is produced ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Condom Style
Cassidy music video for “Condom Style,” it boggles my mind that the video even exists, as if the sing wasn't bad enough. I couldn't even maintain a straight face while watching this video. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Cassidy calls Up DJ Caesar on Hot 107.9 in Philly to clarify the situation between him, AR-AB, & Meek Mill. Last week AR-AB released a video talking about Cassidy being a ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: R.A.I.D.
OK Cassidy, this is much better than Me, Myself & iPhone track, but Cas can only keep it rap. AR-AB already made it clear “Cass Just Raps, Meek Is Street.” ...
Artist: Cassidy
Cassidy's affiliate (I guess formerly now) AR-AB puts out a video exposing Cassidy, basically he's solidifies what Meek said on his “Repo“ diss track. I've been trying to tell you ...
Artist: Cassidy
The lyrical showdown between Meek Mill and Cassidy is in full swing, shots were first fired on Twitter 2 months ago when Meek sent out a open end challenge to any rapper ...
Artist: Meek Mill
Song: Repo
Producer: Jahlil Beats
For those who don't know the history of Meek Mill, unlike most of the new cats Meek came from battle rap , he's built for this and you can hear ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Me Myself & iPhone
Cassidy has convo with himself, had some shots for Meek Mill on this one as well. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Condom Style
Wow! Really Cas? Of all the rappers I would expect on to spit over the Gangnam Style beat (Flo Rida, Pitbull etc.), I would never have expected Cassidy to be ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Diary Of A Husler
Aaaah shiiiiiit, the battle for the crown of Philly is officially on and poppin, Cassidy the the hustler fires the first shot with his new Meek Mill diss record titled “Diary ...
Here's a sneak peek of the Ruff Ryders Cypher from the upcoming 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards show. The clip shows DMX and EVE letting loose a few line, in the ...
Artist: Tone Trump
Song: Afghan (G-Mix)
Producer: A-One
Featuring: N.O.R.E, Young Chris, Cassidy
Album: The New Fresh Prince
CTE's newest member, Tone Trump, remixes his ‘Afghan’ single with some assistance from N.O.R.E., Young Chris & Cassidy. Philly is in the building…Early! ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Same Damn Time Freestyle
Cassidy kicks a freestyle over Future's Same Damn Time single. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Doing It Big
New Big Pun tribute from Cassidy off his “Apply Pressure 3 mixtape. Cassidy went nuts on this one. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Money Money
More new music from Apply Pressure 3, It's called Money Money featuring Styles P produced by Duane DaRock.. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: What Real Niggas Do
Cassidy the hustla is back with a new one called What Real N****s Do featuring Jag. Apply Pressure 3 coming soon. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Show You Off
Here are 2 new records from Cassidy off his upcoming Apply Pressure 3 mixtape. Cassidy – 2 Much Money (Download) [audio:] ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Let Me Hear Somethin Pt 2
More from Cassidy off that Apply Pressure 3 coming soon. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Watchu Gonna Do
More new Cassidy off that Apply Pressure 3 mixtape, this one is called "Watchu Gonna Do". ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: Guess Who's Back
New Cassidy titled "Guess Who's Back" off his upcoming Apply Pressure 3 mixtape. Produced by N.U.G. ...
Artist: Cassidy
Song: I Get It In
Cassidy is back with some new heat, it's called "I Get It In" for his Apply Pressure 3 mixtape which is on the way. ...