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Artist: Charlie Clips, Tay Roc
Finally it's here, one of the most anticipated rematches in recent rap battle history. A few years ago a young Tay Roc went up against the experience veteran Charlie Clips who schooled ...
Artist: B-Magic
Haven't really had a chance to watch this yet, but I'm sure it was fire. I'm really impressed with B-Magic's punchlines, he's never lazy in any of his battles. So who ...
Artist: Serius Jones
Here' the latest rap battle from Summer Madness brought to you by and Smack DVD. It's Serius Jones Vs. Charlie Clips and brings back two legends to the game for ...
Artist: Yoodee Frances
Song: Yo Mama Yo Mama
Newcomer to the R&B/Pop Scene introduces her sexy club single "Yo Mama" produced by Var Ez. The Jersey bred singer-songwriter boldly states "this ain't for yo mama" & joins forces ...