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We've already seen Kim K in all her splendor unofficially earlier in the year with the iCloud Leaked pictures. Now that Kim Kardashian has left nothing up to the imagination, ...
Artist: Kim Kardashian
It was only a matter of before these pics started surfacing, after the epic iCloud hack that went down a little while back. You can expect more to follow in ...
Artist: Kanye West
Song: Bound 2
Producer: Che Pope, Eric Danchild, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein & No I.D.
Album: Yeezus
This guy, I done with Kanye West for 2013, can't deal with him right now. Check out his new music video for the outro track “Bound 2” featuring Kanye West from ...
Artist: Kanye West
Usually Charlamagne is on some ratchet fuckry, and really says nothing worth mentioning, but he actually brought up a legit discussion on the current standing of Kanye West's music and his ...
Artist: Kanye West
The first night of Kanye West at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, NJ brought on an expansive new production. The second night produced a Grammy rant from the Grammy ...
Artist: Kanye West
On Saturday we reported on the possible existence of a Kanye West s*x tape and now apparently it just might true. It's been reported that Kanye West is loosing his sh*t over the situation and ...
Artist: Kanye West
Oh boy, this Kanye West and Kim Kardashian union is going sideways real fast. Apparently Kanye and Kim have more in common than we thought, because has a se* tape too. (saw ...
Artist: Kanye West
Recent reports have come forward confirming that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially dating one another.  TMZ photographed the couple exiting a movie theater in NYC after seeing The ...