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Artist: Nickelus F
Song: EMU
Album: Vices
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Halfway Dead
Producer: Nickelus F
Album: Vices
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: GotDamnMurdah!
Album: The Duck Sauce
New leak from Nickelus F called “GotDamnMurdah!,” off his upcoming project The Duck Sauce. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: My Convo
Album: The Duck Sauce
Nickelus F drops some new dope ish, it's called “My Convo.” ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Pain Killers
Album: The Duck Sauce
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Tanqueray
Producer: Nickelus F
Nickelus F is still at, he drops off a new banger entitled “Tanqueray” which he also produced. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Six Million
Producer: Nickelus F
Nickelus F is back on the scene, after a short hiatus he returns wit “Six Million” which he produced himself. Check it out. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Celestrial
Nick joint from Nickelus F titled "Celestrial" off his project Faces which drops tomorrow. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Thighs
Songs #6 and #7 of Nickelus F’s 7 Days. Look out for Faces coming 11.08.2011 ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Ouch
Back for day 5 of his 7 Days series, Nickelus F goes in on this new one titled “Ouch”. Faces project November 8th. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Chop Shop & Water
Song #4 of Nickelus F’s 7 Days. Look out for Faces coming 11.08.2011. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Leave It All Behind
Another one from Nickelus F, this one is called "Leave It All Behind" features Davanci Sistare on the saxophone & additional from Andre Dobbins. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Sin
Nickelus F has been dropping some heat lately, here's song #2 of Nickelus F’s 7 Days . Look out for Faces coming 11.08.2011 ...
Artist: Skillz, Nickelus F & Bravo
Song: You Me & Him
The Reservoir Dogs Skillz, Nickelus F & Bravo get on some bring you some new heat called "You Me & Him". ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Love Me
New joint from Nickelus F called "Love Me"; the first release from Nickelus' 7 Days series. His next project Faces will be released November 8th. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Scrunchy Face
Nickelus F got some new heat titled "Scrunchy Face," I fux with this joint right here. ...
Artist: Skillz x Nickelus F x Bravo
Song: Reservoir Dogs
Skillz, Nick F and Bravo made a pretty good effort at remaking the classic “Reservoir Dogs,” check it out. ...
Artist: Chance Fischer - DAMN (ft. Nickelus F)
Song: Chance Fischer
This is my first time I'm hearing of Chance Fischer but he's rapping his a*s off on this “Damn” joint, it features the boy Nickelus F on it, check it ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: SMH
New joint from Nickelus F called “SMH”, the first release off Nick’s FACES mixtape. ...
Nickelus F's latest mixtape "Season Premiere HD" listen and download it now. ...
Nickelus F has hooked up with to drop Commercials, the official mixtape prelude to the August 24, re-release of his Season Premiere LP. Mixed by NYC’s DJ Delz, the ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: World of 1000 Dreams
2 new tracks from Nickelus F titled World of 1000 Dreams and Go Head, from his upcoming mixtape with DJ Delz, Commercials. ...
Commonwealth presents Nickelus F - Season Premiere mixtape, listen and download. ...
Artist: Nickelus F
Song: Fueled Up
Nickelus F - Fueled Up, the first track from Nickelus F’s upcoming Memorial Day release. ...