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Artist: AGNEZ MO
Song: Coke Bottle
Producer: Wizz Dumb,Timothy Zachery Mosley, James Washington, David Foreman, Jr.
Artist: Meek Mill
Last week, it was announced that MMG's own Meek Mill would be releasing his sophomore effort in 2014, but there was no other details. Well today the Philly native is ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Lil' Apartment
Featuring: Attitude, 6 Two
Album: #TimbalandThursdays
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Know Bout Me
Producer: Timbaland
Featuring: Jay Z, Drake, James Fauntleroy
Album: #TimbalandThursdays
Remember when Timbaland said he and Jay-Z took Drake under their wing because they feel he's going to be around for the long term? Well this new track titled “Know ...
How does that sound? In a quick sit sown with RevoltTV, Timbaland touches on a few things, which included why a record with Aaliyah won't work without him, and points ...
Artist: Attitude
Song: Whole Lotta
Producer: Timbaland
Featuring: Timbaland, DJ Khaled
Album: Timbaland
Timbaland Thursdays is back after a long hiatus, the newest release from Timbo's lab is a new one from Attitude titled “Whole Lotta” featuring Timbaland & DJ Khaled. ...
Artist: Jay-Z
Song: Open Letter
Producer: Timbaland
It's hard to believe that it's been almost 4 years since Jay-Z released his last solo album “The Blueprint 3,” which is the longest gap since he started his music. ...
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Song: Mirrors
Producer: Timbaland
Album: The 20/20 Experience
Here'as the new interesting visual for Justin Timberlake's current single “Mirrors.” The concept of the music video leaves room your own interpretation as well as the song. The song itself ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: The Party Anthem
Producer: Timbaland
Featuring: Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, T-Pain
Timbaland kicks off 2013 with a new one called “The Party Anthem” featuring Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, T-Pain. That's quite the line up, check out the track and leave your feedback. ...
Artist: Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott & Timbaland stopped by Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club to talk about various topics both personal and business. Missy talks about being away for 7 years and her ...
Artist: Missy Elliott
Song: 9th Inning
Producer: Timbaland
Featuring: Timbaland
In case y'all forgot, Missy Elliott is one of the best female rappers ever and one of the highest paid. Now she's back with new music entitled “9th Inning,” this along ...
1. Dr. Dre @ $110 million Dr. Dre tops the list this year mostly due to his Beats By Dre headphones, but there's also the fact that he has stake ...
Artist: Aaliyah
Song: Enough Said
On Monday when Drake debut his Aaliyah track “Enough Said” produced by Noah “40″ Shebib, it was met with mixed reaction from Drake fans as well as long time Aaliyah fans (like myself) ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Break Ya Back
Something new from Timbaland off of Shock Value III, it's called Break Ya Back and features Dev. Check it out. ...
Artist: Demi Lovato
Song: All Night Long
This is my first time hearing anything from Demi Lovato, but with a feature from Missy Elliott & Timbaland on her single "All Night Long" she has to be doing ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: I Won’t Board This Plane
I was expecting so much more from this  Timbaland Thursdays music series given the fact that it's one of the greatest producers of all time but I can barely recall ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Not My Happiness
Another one for the Timbo Thursday’s archives, it's called "Not My Happiness". ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Fuck You
This week on #TimbalandThursdays music series Timbaland says "F**k You" and bring along Attitude who has the perfect artist name for a track with a title like that. ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: All Y’all
More from Timbaland for that #TimbalandThursdays music series, this one is called “All Y'all” featuring Attitude & Short Dawg. ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Whenever You Like
In this weeks #TimbalandThursdays Timbaland teams up with Bran’Nu, the rap alter-ego for R&B singer Brandy. She wasn't bad with the bars she handed out either. ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Hot Mess
Another one for Timbaland's #TimbalandThursdays music series, it's called “Hot Mess” featuring J'Royal Price & JimmyCodean. ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: Mentally
Another one for the #TimbalandThursdays music series, it's called “Mentally” featuring Lyrica Anderson. With Timbaland being who he is, I expected more releases of a much higher caliber. So far they've ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: You Lied, You Cheated
When it comes to Timbaland Thursdays I'm always on some Friday s**t, here he is with another one for the collection titled “You Lied, You Cheated” featuring the beautiful Miss ...
Artist: Timbaland
Song: 808
Another one from Timbaland for his Timbaland Thurdays music series, this one is called “808 and features Brandy. This Thursday is a little change of pace.  A lot of people ...